Shouldn’t people who play a role in teaching, learning and working at schools be the only ones who have access to the schools? Security at South African schools remains a huge concern. All schools should have a basic requirement to safely confine all students and staff in their care during school hours.

During school hours, entry can usually be gained via the main gate or offices. This makes finance offices or reception staff extremely vulnerable to armed robbery and theft, nt to mention the trauma that accompanies such atrocities. After hours, schools should be able to be on a ’lock-down’ to protect against theft, unwanted entry and even vandalism. Maxidor SA can keep schools, kids and staff protected from unwanted intruders and away from any danger within the confinement of the grounds safely.

Follow these steps to ensure the safety measures you put in place, creates the feeling of comfort for both pupils and staff:

Step 1: Perimeter fencing

Physical security that surrounds the school should be planned carefully to ensure effective access control. The Maxidor fence – Maxi-Fence™ is designed to keep unwanted characters out and keep pupils safely inside. Because of the small aperture and the design of the fence, it cannot be climbed easily both by children and criminals alike. The Maxi-Fence is ideal for applications requiring maximum security without sacrificing design and aesthetic appeal. This product is suitable for all school perimeter fencing, commercial, industrial and infrastructure developments. This fence can be customized to the school’s requirements.

Step 2: Security gates

Maxidor’s security gates at the entrances and exit points are desirable, and the fixing features match that of the Maxi-fence. It’s not possible to lift the gate from its hinges, and the hinges and lock is protected in such a way to thwart criminals cannot activity. The SlamlockTM is a locking system, pioneered by Maxidor to simply slam the security gate shut in the event of a quick response action. This makes these types of Maxi-Ultra retractable security gates, ideal for finance offices and corridors.

Step 3: Burglar bars, windows and centers

Schools are becoming more and more focused on technology and enhancing the students’ education by exposing them to the variety of tech tools available in today’s world. Unfortunately this makes the schools a target for burglaries as these types of smart TVs, computers and iPads are sought after items for thieves. Criminals know when schools are at their most vulnerable. Maxidor recently safeguarded a few schools’ smart TVs inside each classroom with custom made shutter solutions, and installed burglar bars in front of all the windows in their computer centres. Make sure your media and computer centres are secured. Because schools are dark and empty over weekends or at night, no-good-doers see them as ideal places to vandalise. Stop Criminals in their tracks.

Step 4: Consult and Install

Maxidor takes all consultants and installers through a criminal background check process, to make sure they employ the most reliable and trustworthy staff. Schools are also extremely busy during the day with students running around and things happening the entire time. The consultants and installers at Maxidor are flexible in terms of time, Maxidor works around, school hours to ensure minimum disruption.

Maxidor prides them on being the best security product supplier in South Africa. Maxidor Security gates, burglar bars and barriers are the perfect way to keep any unwelcome guests out of your school and class rooms. Our Slamlock mechanism ensures a quick response to secure for example the finance office, in any event of intruders suddenly attacking the reception area.

When we consider the safety or the possibility of any violence that can occur on a day to day basis shouldn’t we rather choose the safest security product on the market?  School safety is important… protecting all students and school personnel from violence should be a number one priority. Maxidor – Our strength is your security. Your Students/Children’s security. Your personnel’s security. Phone our call centre to get an obligation free quote: 0860 131 131 or visit

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