Maxidor COO (Jurie Botha) at Hot 91.9 Fm radio station.

[Radio Host] love is stronger I speak English love is stronger than pride Hot 91.9 people I played you Tarzan boy Boston Maura it is a very warm welcome that we extend to Jurie Botha in studio he’s joining us from Maxidor in fact he is the COO, chief operations officer I have not had an executive in my near vicinity for quite a while so I’m a little bit intimidated won’t lie good afternoon Jurie,

[Jurie-Maxidor] good afternoon and thank you very much for having me

[Radio Host] thank you for coming in we’re talking security this afternoon we’re talking physical security and you are yes your COO of Maxidor, we’re talking physical security barriers and what makes a great one of the things that I found quite interesting in our little talk before was the distinction between robbery and burglary what are the differences and in terms of the stats on crime what is worse what are your experiences on these.

[Jurie-Maxidor] thank you for that Bunny obviously a burglary is typically when somebody’s not home, invasion takes place when somebody breaks through a security product of sorts in the intro home but is nobody home, A robbery on the other hand is where there is occupants there’s somebody in the house and people normally come in it’s called a home invasion and they come in with with force and and with the intent of doing bodily harm

[Radio Host] okay quite frightening stuff last year this year 250,000 reported cases per year of burglary so that is the break-in with people not home but there’s over two million reported crime crimes a year in South Africa those stats are frightening

[Jurie-Maxidor] indeed the reality is while you and I are talking right now there will be at least two burglary somewhere in Gauteng every 90 seconds the house robbery of sorts maxi doors, indeed

[Radio Host] thats quite a lot, Maxidor MXM, see what I did there say make South Africa Safer one Maxidor at a time, what is the best thing about Maxidor, how is a something like a Maxidor going to aid in the security of my security, any South African

[Jurie-Maxidor] I think to answer that question we need to just think about the stats you just mentioned you know 250,000 house burglary a year we have to consider that each and every one of those took place through some form of security barrier

[Radio Host] yeah

[Jurie-Maxidor] now at Maxidor we eat sleep drink and love security barriers we have a dedicated research and development teams that they’d look out for criminal modus operandi to understand how criminals breach product and to answer that question in short you know how do you put three decades worth of research and development into a single answer the best thing about a Maxidor is its price because its price guarantees that only the best quality materials were used in its manufacturing and the assembly of that product and ultimately that is one thing that will save your life

[Radio Host] yes I love the the the thing that you say often jokingly say if there’s a an intruder at your door 2 a.m. and not your partner aren’t you glad we saved a thousand rand thats frightening of course you don’t to save a thousand rand and you want to have a decent barrier between you in a criminal

[Jurie-Maxidor]  indeed a 2 oclock in the morning you definitely don’t want to be saving a thousand rand on a security barrier

[Jurie-Maxidor] so as the largest service provider in the physical barrier industry you guys are very wise to the criminal MO are security barriers so relevant in this day and age you have alarm systems beams they are security companies there are so many other facets of security is the physical barrier  a must have?

[Jurie-Maxidor] the physical barrier in today’s day and age is a layer of reformed support if we think of security as a multi-faceted layers there is this electronic additive if if I could draw an analogy to a modern-day vehicle modern-day vehicles have Park distance control they have airbags you know these we curb following headlights all these fans rise but at the end of the day nothing none of those have replaced the humble safety belt at the end of the day the safety belt is that physical barrier in in the event of a crime that’s exactly what you’re looking for you’re looking for that physical barrier to keep the bad guys out

[Radio Host] yeah

[Jurie-Maxidor] and obviously your family and yourself safe

[Radio Host] yeah

[Jurie-Maxidor] so security very is still very relevant in this day and age

[Radio Host] ok so what should you be looking for when investing in physical barriers one thinks of the Ad I dont know where it was of the wrecking ball that goes through, well it doesn’t go through what is the relevance of that do I need wrecking ball strength where are the where are the soft points that I should be looking at when I’m looking at investing in physical security

[Jurie-Maxidor] so at Maxidor we have the buyback guarantee the buyback guarantee basically states that should our product not do what we said it would be in terms of a breaking we will buy it back from you or replace at 100% free of charge so what we we have like I said earlier dedicated research and development teams then through this initiative we understand criminal modus operandi so they are basically six reason security barriers fail their owners the first is that the locks failing and of course it’s a bit of an Indepth discussion I don’t think we will have time today to through it, but the the locks are breached

[Radio Host] yeah

[Jurie-Maxidor] often the the one part that we think is the most important part is the part that fails us and lets us down

[Radio Host] yeah

[Jurie-Maxidor] products are simply pulled from the wall the stats are horrific that most products irrespective of what product you install if the installation wasn’t done properly this actually just pulled out of the wall and criminals gain entry,

[Radio Host] (inaudible) … it doesn’t matter if a racking ball doesn’t go through, you were saying the third one is

[Jurie-Maxidor] so the the moving components are breached, otherwise like you just said there are a lot of products on the market that does not anchor at the top in the bottom

[Radio Host] that’s the hinge yeah okay

[Jurie-Maxidor] its important that the product is anchored at the top in the bottom the inserts the components that fastened to the top and the bottom rail and of course there’s the volume of steel between you and an intruder at Maxidor we believe that the more steel the better

[Radio Host] (Laughter) … to have, okay so then as you said the best thing about a Maxidor is of course the price because it is well priced but it is still the very base in terms of the physical security barrier

[Jurie-Maxidor] in our opinion absolutely

[Radio Host] absolutely, where can we get our hands on one in terms of getting somebody out to get one installed where do we start

[Jurie-Maxidor] so make sure it was available through a network of franchise stores in Johannessburg in Gauteng, you can call our industry-leading call center on 0860 131 131 or of course just visit our website at our consultants are our specialists they are trained to come through to your property they will do a full security assessment and advise of course in an advisory role as to where and how to secure your home loved ones

[Radio Host] and yeah that’s what really matters thank you very much Jurie for coming through and we’ve got some great music on the way and if anybody’s got some questions for you we can exchange the best to the SMS line 44919 at a cost of R1.50 in the meantime what we’ve got is lone Hill Estate always comes together on hot 91.9.


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