Maxidor service

Terms and Conditions for Buy-Back™ Guarantee:

  • The Buy-Back™ Guarantee applies to most of the Maxidor products.
  • The Maxidor Classic products carry the Buy-Back™ Guarantee if they are installed inside. The guarantee does not apply if they are installed outside.
  • Only a product that has been breached will be covered, and any other damaged product will be repaired at the customer’s expense; if so instructed.
  • Modifications by the Customer to the standard product range (unless approved in writing by Maxidor) will render any guarantee void.
  • The product must have been installed by a Maxidor approved installer, or a Maxidor Franchisee or Agent.
  • In the unlikely event of a breach through a Maxidor product, the incident must be reported to Maxidor and the SAPS, and the case number must be obtained within 24 hours.
  • All guarantees are subject to adequate, regular washing, servicing and maintenance by the customer. Fair wear and tear is excluded.
  • The products should be maintained regularly and be free of any damage.
  • Maxidor reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement if the maintenance schedule is not adhered to.
  • The products are made of steel, and therefore naturally rust. If damaged, this accelerates such rust. The customer will not be covered by such a guarantee.
  • The Customer shall only have one claim per product.
  • Post installation damages and consequent rust is excluded from the guarantee.

Maxidor has arguably the fastest delivery period in the industry. Our streamlined manufacturing and distribution process means that we deliver on our promise – fast! Installation generally takes 3-5 working days, this is subject to factory capacity. Your consultant will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimation at the time of your order.

Our products are custom made, therefore making it very difficult to provide an accurate quote over the phone or email. A consultant needs to come assess and measure the area you wish to secure, in order to give you the most accurate quote.

Maxidor offers an obligation-free security assessment.

Maxidor saves lives. Our products offer you the additional time needed if your premises are broken into.

Maxidor has been in the security industry for over 34 years.

We provide the original Slamlock™  Our lock has been SABS tested to withstand a pull force of 2.6 tonnes.

We use 30% more steel than any of our major competitors.

We designed the original STRONG FLIGHT – This is an extra-thick steel brace unique to Maxidor, which is difficult to cut through using common tools.

We are the only company to offer the 10-year Buy-Back™ Guarantee 

We make use of superior materials in the manufacture of our products.

We are the only company that uses chemical anchoring methods, to ensure that our fixing methods are superior.

All our employees are screened for a criminal history and record by EMPS.

Maxidor products

The common colours that we manufacture are white and bronze, however, we can manufacture any colour on the RAL colour chart. The manufacturing time will depend on the uniqueness of the colour.

Not at all, the components are flexible and can withstand impact due to their elasticity.

Our experience has shown that there are a number of components that contribute to a stronger gate.

Double Uprights

We use double uprights rather than single uprights. We have found that single uprights don’t offer the extra valuable time required to act in the event of a security risk.

Nylon Components:

Firstly, we use nylon components because they are quiet, and secondly, because they are able to withstand impact due to their elasticity.

Strong Flights (scissor-like braces)

Our gates have a combination of flights. Our style flights provide aesthetic appeal, while our strong flights are where you find the true strength, as they cannot be cut using common tools.

Care & maintenance

A roller shutter needs to be serviced every year. Our expandable gates and other products, if maintained and cleaned correctly, do not need to be serviced every year. Contact us to book your service.

All products (Classic or Ultra) further than 5km from any body of water, sea, river, vlei, wetland or the like should be serviced and washed by the customer at least once a month.

Our products go through an extensive pre-treatment process to prevent rust.