Maxi-Ultra Expandable Security Gates| Security Doors

The Maxidor Ultra Security Gates and/or Security Doors with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind.

Unlike many Security Gates, Maxidor’s expandable Trellis Security Gates / Security Doors are functionally built. Making sure that you can act quickly in an emergency situation by providing a barrier between you and potential threats.

Why Choose Expandable Security Doors | Security Gates?


13.8mm of Steel

Our gates offer 13.8mm of steel between you and an intruder.


Original Slamlock™

Our Original Slamlock™ offers superior locking strength – our record of zero lock breaches in 8-years speaks for itself.



Strong Flights

Strong flights ensure that you have ample time. Strong flights are not only our toughest door feature but also add to our unique look.

Product Guarantee

We are so confident in our Ultra Security Gate Design, that this product offers a 10-year Buy-Back™ Guarantee and a 5-year product warranty.

*T’s & C’s Apply

Popular Applications

  • Security Doors
  • Security Gates
  • Patio doors
  • Windows
  • Shop fronts
  • Shop dividers