Why Choose Maxi-Louvre Shutters

The Maxi-Louvre Shutters are the latest in home styling & security. These elegant security barriers can be utilized on various openings. They are extremely versatile and have been purpose engineered to suit the South African market.

Due to the product’s unique design, it also offers you security, style and the advantage of having it all stackable. The product has three settings, completely open and stacked to the side, closed with the louvres open and lastly a completed dead lock. The dead lock converts these Security Shutters into a fortified solid wall of security.

The Design

These security shutters offer you a new take on style & security.

Our Maxi-Louvre shutters offer you a super silent and easy to operate alternative for securing windows, doors and various other entrances/exits! The versatility of our security louvres is endless, this product is manufactured in aluminium and finished in any desired shade of powder coat which makes these products able to withstand various weathering conditions on both internal and external application.

When closed, the product offers a solid barrier of protection as the locking pins dive up to 65mm deep into the framework, this allows the product to offer solid security that would not be easily penetrated by an intruder.

The Guarantee

Our Maxi-Louvre Shutters are backed by an up to 10 Year Material Guarantee, further to this, there is an up to 5 Year Guarantee on all moving components!

The Finish

The Security Shutters are completed in a T.G.I.C Grade of powder coating, the UV stabilized T.G.I.C ensures that your product will never fade or yellow as time goes on. The product is offered in an array of standard colour options such as: White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Charcoal & Bronze with fully customizable colours available on request.

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