Superior Security Gates, Burglar Bars, Roller Shutter Doors & Perimeter Fences that combine strength, function and design.

All of our products are Custom-Made to suit your individual needs, ensuring your maximum security. At Maxidor we aim to give every customer the best quality products to suit their needs. We offer unique solutions such as burglar doors, burglar bars, roll up garage doors, roller shutters, security trellis and security Maxi-Fence to secure your home and business with professional advice all the way.

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Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars

Mixed feelings over securing your home with burglar bars? Here’s why you need them!

When searching for your perfect home you often overlook the security systems in place around the property you are going to purchase. We often prefer to view homes which have a clea …

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This is why you should invest in Maxidor security gates!

This is why you should invest in Maxidor security gates!Homeowners are often overcome with feelings of anxiety and concern when both leaving and returning to their home. It is neit …

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