Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars | Burglar Proof

The Maxidor Maxi-Grill is Burglar Bar and/or Burglar Proof designed to fit neatly inside the space of any regular window or opening at your place of business or home. Our burglar bars were designed considering the weaknesses in standard window burglar bars. Therefore, Maxi-Grill burglar bars have additional features to prevent tampering or damage.

Features and Design

  • Matching styled flight for uniformity across the Maxidor range of security barriers.
  • 16mm square tubing.
  • Security coach-screws (break-off head screws) to avoid tampering
  • UV stabilized TGIC grade for an even finish that will not fade or yellow or rust
  • Thin steel brace unique to Maxidor, Adds aesthetic look to your security
  • Protects screws and leaves no room for prying tools.
  • Closed square tubing to prevent bending or tampering.
  • Fixing bars fit flush against the substrate.
  • Chemical fastener is inserted into the drilled hole to absorb into the substrate.