The Maxi-Shutter Roller Shutter Doors
The Maxi-Shutter Roller Shutters Doors, Roller Garage Doors, Roll Up Doors And Roller Doors offer security to all residential, industrial, premises: (Leading South Africa And Africa) This includes Residential, Commercial, Industrial Premises, Garage Doors, Roll Up Doors or Roller Doors. *All these applications can be motorized or manual. Slat finish options: Solid Or Perforated *Standard color options: Black, Brown, White, Charcoal and Oyster White. P.O.A. (Price Subject To Measurements), Contact us for a custom Quote.

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Why Choose Maxidor Roller Shutters

Our range of Steel Roller Shutter doors offer you a solid barrier of protection, wherever it is used. Maxidor’s Roller Shutters have been engineered to withstand the South African market and the various elements that are thrown at it. This security barrier places a solid wall of protection between you and any possible threat.

Our Roller Shutters offer an industrial grade barrier of strength that can be applied to any commercial or residential application. Common applications for our Roller Shutters can be seen on both internal and external residential use. These doors can be used to separate sectors of a home to create a safe space in the event of an emergency. Commercially, these doors have been applied to a massive amount of storefronts and bank fronts, these have been applied to stores within malls as well as along busy roads.

The Design

This industrial grade steel curtain is manufactured to both look good and protect your assets. The canopy of the Roller Shutter has a custom hexagonal design that offers a sleek and refined look. The slats can be ordered in either a perforated or solid option, allowing for environmental control within closed spaces. Custom shaped nylon end plates wrap around each slat to prevent metal-on-metal contact. Chemical fastener acts as a permanent bond between fastener and mortar. This is a secure method of installation ensuring the product cannot be ripped out the wall. To top it off, our Roller Shutters can also be ordered in both manual and automated options!

The Guarantee

The Maxidor Roller Shutters come with a 12 month mechanical guarantee, and also offers a 6 month guarantee on additional back up power features.

The Finish

The Roller Shutter doors are completed in a T.G.I.C Grade of powder coating, the UV stabilized T.G.I.C ensures that your product will never fade or yellow as time goes on. The product is offered in an array of standard colour options such as: Black, Brown, White & Charcoal, with fully customizable colours available on request.

Roller Shutter Doors Features

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