Conditions of Sale:

This order outlines the fundamental terms and conditions of the agreement between the parties involved. It is essential to review these conditions alongside the comprehensive terms and conditions. There are no additional undertakings, representations, or agreements beyond what is stated in this order in conjunction with the website’s terms and conditions.

Any alteration or cancellation of this order must be made in writing and signed by both parties to be valid and enforceable.


Payment and Installation:

Upon acceptance, the Customer is responsible for remitting the full payment to Maxidor or its Franchisees. Production will commence only upon receipt of the signed order and once proof of payment has been received.

Should installation, collection or receipt of product be delayed by customer for a period of more than 4 calendar months, Maxidor and its Franchisees reserve the right to sell product or charge a monthly storage fee. NO refunds will be given under these conditions.

If this agreement is part of a quotation, it shall remain valid for seven days only.

While the expected installation date is provided is an estimate, actual delivery dates may vary. All lead times quoted are in working days which exclude Weekends and Public Holidays.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide proof of payment, using the ORDER NUMBER as a reference.

The Customer must either personally sign for acceptance of the product or designate an authorised individual to do so.

Ownership of the product remains with Maxidor until full payment is received and cleared at Maxidor Head Office or one of its Franchisees.

Maxidor reserves the right to alter or modify the product design without prior notice.

Additional costs such as customs, duties, and taxes applicable in the destination country are the responsibility of the Customer.

The signatory, along with the customer, will be held personally liable for all payments.

Cancellation of the order will incur a 20% handling fee if the product has not yet been manufactured. Any approved refunds will be processed within20 working days, upon receipt of all relevant documentation from the Customer.


Products, Warranties, and Maintenance:

All guarantees are contingent upon the Customer’s regular cleaning, servicing, and maintenance of the product, excluding fair wear and tear. The Customer acknowledges that failure to maintain steel products may lead to rust, and any resulting damage may not be covered by the guarantee.

Products located within 5km of any body of water must be serviced and washed at least twice monthly by the Customer. For those situated farther than 5km, servicing must occur at least once a month.

The Customer is entitled to only one claim per product. Post-installation damages and consequent rust are excluded from the guarantee.

Regular maintenance and absence of damage are prerequisites for guarantee coverage, subject to supplier inspection.

Electronics, motors, and remote controllers are guaranteed for six months from the commissioning date, excluding damage from power surges.

Maxidor reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement if the product is not adequately cleaned and maintained.


Buy-Back™ Guarantee Terms:

The Buy-Back™ guarantee covers only breached products; any other damage will be repaired at the Customer’s expense.

Only products that have been paid for in full are eligible for any guarantee.

The product must have been purchased after 1st August, 2023.

Modifications to standard products, unless pre-approved by Maxidor in writing, will void any guarantee.

The Buy-Back™ guarantee does not waive Maxidor’s rights under the Sales Agreement.

Installation must be performed by a Maxidor-approved installer or franchisee.

In the event of a breach, the incident must be reported to Maxidor and the SAPS within 24 hours.



Maxidor is not liable for damages incurred during installation, including damage to water pipes, electrical wiring, tiles, plaster, or similar items.

Customers must identify any electrical, plumbing, or water hazards during installation; failure to do so is at the Customer’s risk.

Customers must provide suitable fire escapes in protected areas.

The following products have specific applicable guarantees:


Ultra Range: 5-year product guarantee, 10-year Buy-Back™ guarantee, 3-year corrosion-resistant guarantee.

– Classic Range: 3-year product guarantee, 10-year Buy-Back™ guarantee (interior fit), 3-year corrosion-resistant guarantee.

– MXA Range: 1-year product guarantee, not covered by Buy-Back™ guarantee, 1-year corrosion-resistant guarantee.

– Maxi-View: 1-year UV protected guarantee, not covered by Buy-Back™ guarantee.

– Swing Gates (Ultra and Classic): 1-year product guarantee, not guaranteed against corrosion, not covered by Buy-Back™ guarantee.

– Roller Shutters: 12-month mechanical guarantee, 6-month backup power guarantee.

– Maxi-Louvre: Various guarantees depending on the location and use of the product.

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