Maxidor MXA Security Door Gate

a Visible deterrent for lower risk applications. Our security gates and/or doors are designed with African conditions in mind, the Maxidor MXA is fully retractable, boasts our Slamlock™, Style flights and is custom manufactured. The Maxidor MXA is professionally installed and chemically anchored ensuring peace of mind.

Why Choose Maxidor Security Door Gate?


The Maxidor Original Slamlock™ creates an instant physical barrier in the event of an emergency.

Style Flights

The style flights provide aesthetic appeal and additional stability to the barrier.

Chemical Anchor

The chemical anchor is a secure method of installation ensuring that the product cannot be ripped out of the wall

Product Guarantee

1 Year Product Guarantee *T’s & C’s Apply

Popular Applications

  • Entrances
  • Passage doors
  • Patio doors
  • Windows