4 Essential Physical Security Products to Install before COVID-19 pandemic escalates. 

Businesses are closing their doors and people are hiding at home as the fear of the Corona Virus escalates not only about the physical illness but the havoc it is causing on the economy. Something like toilet paper has become a scares commodity as this is one of the basic needs Maslow talks about as the first level of Physiological needs in his hierarchy of needs. Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing etc. all fall in this category. After the fulfillment of this level, people move to the next one which is safety needs: Personal security, employment, resources, health, property etc. Are you ready and prepared enough to survive COVID-19 if there is a huge outbreak? Here are the 4 physical security barriers that remain your last line of defense:

1. Expandable or Retractable Security Gates

The Maxidor Ultra Trellis Security Gates and/or Security Doors with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind. Unlike many Security Gates, Maxidor’s expandable Trellis Security Gates / Security Doors are functionally built. Making sure that you can act quickly in an emergency situation by providing a barrier between you and potential threats.

2. Window Burglar Bars

Custom Window Security Burglar-Bars in your home or office is a must have seeing as criminals climb through or break in through most openings. The Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars are designed to fit neatly inside the space of any regular window or opening. Our unique tamper-proof fastening design ensures the more you tamper with our product, the better it protects.

3. Roller Shutters

The Maxi-Shutter Roller Shutters Doors, Roller Garage Doors, Roll Up Doors And Roller Doors offer security to all residential, industrial, premises. This includes Residential, Commercial, Industrial Premises, Garage Doors, Roll Up Doors or Roller Doors, all of which can be motorized or manual

4. Perimeter Fencing

The Maxi-fence is developed in South Africa for applications requiring a high degree of security, combined with optimal visibility for the perimeter. The Compact Mesh Fence is vandal resistant due to its anti-cut and anti-climb features. With the robust wire and welded joints, cutting is made very difficult when using conventional bolt or wire cutters. Due to small mesh apertures, climbing is also made difficult. Due to advanced anti-corrosion properties, the high-quality PVC fusion-bond coating technology guarantees an extended product lifespan and low maintenance.

Why should you choose Maxidor to manufacture and install all your physical security barriers? To start with is our vision is to make South Africa safer one Maxidor at a time. Then follow the seven reasons: we offer a buyback guarantee; our staff has police clearance; we have been in this business and industry for over 35 years; our products have strong flights enhancing the safety of our products; we are the original inventors of the SlamlockTM; our products are SABS approve and our products are chemically fastened into the walls. 

As a company, Maxidor has implemented the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of both staff and customers. Our production and service line will continue to give all our customers, the utmost in terms of product sales and installations. All our staff have been trained and educated on the precautions that need to be taken when dealing with all customers and persons alike. We want to reassure everyone that our on-site teams have been given strict instructions and training on the importance of sanitary behavior when visiting all sites. 

Criminals have already started capitalizing on this pandemic. We want to assure everyone that all Maxidor Branches will remain open to assist our customers in safeguarding both their businesses and homes. We urge all residents to be vigilant in a time where criminal activity will rise. Stay safe with Maxidor physical security barriers. Our burglar bars, expandable security gates, perimeter fencing, and roller shutters will keep out unwanted intruders. 

Don’t become another statistic. Secure with the best.

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