4 Physical Security Barriers to Secure Your Business or

Together with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and leaving some citizens without
an income, unmanned shops and businesses became easy targets for looting during SA’s lockdown.
Setting up a business takes huge investments. Damages and losses during burglaries or vandalism
can be avoided or minimized with the proper security barriers and measures put in place.

Think like a criminal when you look at your business from the outside. Shopfronts are naturally set
up to invite customers to buy, but they might also prompt break-ins. Most business owners might
argue that burglar bars, roller shutters or security gates might break down the aesthetic look of the
shop. They might debate that it could look like the shop or business is situated in a bad area.
However the first two Maxidor physical security barriers mentioned can be opened up totally during
business hours as well as safeguard the business premises after hours. Here are 4 products ideal for
securing businesses:

1.  Roller Shutters
Shops like liquor stores, clothing stores or jewellery shops install roller shutters to guard their
Shopfronts. It is much easier for criminals to break through a window or glass door and stick their
arm through burglar bars to take the goods than it is to penetrate a strong solid aluminium roller
shutter door. Another thing to consider with Maxidor’s roller shutters is the fact that it can be
designed either solid or in perforated slats depending on the needs of the customer. Roller shutters
make it difficult for criminals to see through the windows into the shop to view what, and how they
can rob the shop.

The shutters can be motorised or can be manually operated and are available in a variety of colours
to fit in with the brand of the business. What is convenient with a roller shutter is that when you
open it up, it is neatly stowed away at the top of the window leaving your shopfront very visible
during operating hours.

Other businesses where roller shutters are popular to use, are to close open serving hatches like at
bars or food take away stalls. Banks secure outside ATMs and Schools use them to secure their
tuckshops, technology classrooms and finance offices. Business offices use them to secure their lifts,
access to parking garages and access to their warehouses. Even Guesthouses and lodges use them to
close up ‘unoccupied’ units etc.

2. Expandable Security Gates with Slamlock™                                                                                                                          Maxidor’s expandable security gates are very popular to use when securing doors and windows, as
well as shopfronts, in a variety of businesses. They too can be opened up completely or kept shut
during trading hours. Liquor stores, hardware shops, pharmacies, jewellery or spaza shops etc.
normally use them to control access while they are open. Schools also use them to control access to
their finance offices while they are working with the money. The Maxidor Ultra Trellis Security Gates
and/or Security Doors with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged
construction provide maximum security and peace of mind either while you are at your business or
when your business is unoccupied. The Slamlock TM mechanism ensures that you can act quickly in an
emergency situation by simply slamming the door shut, automatically providing a barrier between
you and potential threats while doing business.

3. Security Swing Gates or Burglar Doors
The Maxi-Gate Burglar Door is a strong, welded steel security gate. This Security Swing Burglar Gate
or Safety Gate features a high-security lock. The lock box has a bubble-like design to protect the lock
cylinder. Should the cylinder be removed when the gate is in the locked position, the mechanism will
not be accessible, and the gate will remain locked. These gates are mainly used to secure inside
doors or offices inside the business, but can also be used at back doors etc.

4. Perimeter Fencing
Maxidor also offers perimeter fencing ideal for School perimeters, warehouses or stock yards
because the Maxi-fence combines security strength with optimal visibility of the perimeter. The
Compact Mesh Fence is vandal resistant due to its anti-cut and anti-climb features. With the robust
wire and welded joints, cutting is made very difficult when using conventional bolt or wire cutters.
Due to small mesh apertures, climbing is also made difficult. The advanced anti-corrosion properties,
and high-quality PVC fusion-bond coating technology guarantees an extended product lifespan and
low maintenance.

So why should businesses choose Maxidor as a physical security barrier manufacturer and installer?

Well it makes sense as a business to go with a company that offers a buyback guarantee; whose staff
has police clearance; who’ve been in this business and industry for over 35 years; whose products
have strong flights enhancing the safety of the products; who are the original inventors of the
Slamlock TM and Inscape TM ; whose products are SABS approve and whose products are chemically
fastened into the walls.
Maxidor is available to assist with free assessment and quotes, please contact 0860 131 131 or view
all the products online on www.maxidor.co.za.