In recent news brothers of Pretoria were attacked while having a birthday braai. Although one brother got shot in both his legs, and the other in his side and wrist, they were still able to fend off the robbers. It was on a random Thursday evening at around 22:00pm and was the third attack since they’ve moved there. It could have ended so much worse. Are you prepared when robbers might attack you while entertaining? Do you have everything in place to secure yourself and your guests? Don’t be caught off guard. Prevention is better than curing.

3 Reasons Why Robbers Strike While You Have Guests?

There are 3 main reasons why robbers might attack while you have guests over or are busy entertaining:

  1. Robbers use the element of surprise. When you are receiving guests and you are busy entertaining them, the last thing you are expecting amongst the friendly chatter and jokes are robbers with guns, pangas and crowbars surprise-attacking you and your guests.
  2. More valuables are in one place. Guests dress up, bring along gifts and leave their handbags, car keys and money unattended. Everyone under one roof with a lot of stuff to rob from people not expecting it.
  3. Property is left unguarded, inviting and open. Because your guests are coming and going throughout the evening a lot of home owners either leave their gates or garage doors open or unlocked. They also contain their dogs, switch of the beams and alarms and even leave the front door unlocked. Big mistake as this makes it so much easier for perpetrators to enter effortlessly.

How can you then protect yourself and your guests while you are entertaining? The answer is simple: by being cautious and vigilant; and then by making sure your entertainment area or space is properly secured.

3 Ways to Secure Your Entertainment Area:

Most entertainment areas are either outside the home or in the form of an open patio. Other houses might have indoor braai areas with sliding doors that open up. Make sure you secure the following areas:

  • Outside Fencing: Make sure you have Maxidor’s clear, compact mesh perimeter fence that combines optimal visibility for the perimeter with anti-cut and anti-climb features. With the robust wire and welded joints, cutting is made very difficult when using conventional bolt or wire cutters. Due to small mesh apertures, climbing is also made difficult. You should be able to see who is at the gate and the fence at all times and from all angles. As an extra measure keep the electric fence armed.
  • Security Barriers: Get the Maxidor Ultra Trellis Security Gates and/or Security Doors installed at entrances, sliding doors and openings on patios with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind. Unlike many Security Gates, Maxidor’s expandable Trellis Security Gates / Security Doors are functionally built. Making sure that you can act quickly in an emergency situation by providing a barrier between you and potential threats. These gates should be kept closed while entertaining and it will still let the air/breeze in.
  • Roller Shutters: The Maxi-Shutter Roller Shutters Doors, Roller Garage Doors, Roll Up Doors and Roller Doors offer security to all residential and industrial, premises. These shutters will keep unwanted guests out and when your patio or entertainment area is open, it offers an ‘indoor braai area’ during winter.

Maxidor can guide you through how to secure your entertainment area. Call the national line on 0860 131 131 for an obligation free assessment and quote.

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