This is why you should invest in Maxidor security gates!

Homeowners are often overcome with feelings of anxiety and concern when both leaving and returning to their home. It is neither unusual nor unnecessary to naturally let our minds linger on some of the crimes that we have seen, heard or read about in recent times.

The crime rate in South Africa is on a dramatic increase with more individuals seeking higher security measures in an effort to protect their loved ones and hard earned possessions.

The 2018/2019 South African crimes statistics reported an average of 61 house robberies (victims confronted by perpetrator) and 605 house burglaries (no confrontation/ contact between both victim and perpetrator) each day. These figures are alarming and urge one to take action before becoming just another statistic.

Of the many available methods such as alarm systems, cameras and flood lighting to secure your home, installing a security gate is the most popular.

Most burglaries are opportunistic crimes, meaning that if a criminal deems your home easy to break into then there is a greater chance of them targeting it however, having a security gate provides an instant visual deterrent.

The installation of such security gates has gained lots of traction for both private and commercial properties as if fulfills the need for both safety and privacy.

It is always advisable to make your choice based on the integrity and material structure of the gate rather than basing your decision solely on costing.

The most affordable products do not always guarantee the best results and when your safety is in question, you should not have to compromise. Our trellis security gates are among our best sellers due to its functional design and nature, with some ranges also offering our double Slamlock feature.

As the name suggests, a Slamlock gate instantly locks upon impact with the lock system by the simple action of sliding the gate shut. This feature is particularly favorable if ever one finds themselves caught off guard by perpetrators.

The system eliminates the process of physically locking the gate by means of using a key, this in turn buys you valuable time to alert the authorities by creating an ever enduring barrier.

If the above mentioned reasons aren’t enough to get you to commit to one of our valued gates, here are a few more reasons to invest in our excellent products.

  • Visual appeal: with a vast array of colours, styles and affordable pricing available in store, you are more than likely to find the option most suitable for your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. When browsing our product catalog, you will be able to find a style or colour to suit the design of your home be it minimalist or contemporary. Trellis gates have the reputation of being uneasy on the eyes but with the option of customization, you can now remove that factor and create a harmonious exterior appearance.
  • Increased value: aside from protecting your home and yourself, investing in a security gate or door has the potential of increasing the value of your property and potential buyer interest. Possible investors and buyers take various factors into account before making a decision. The most obvious factor of course would be how secure the home/ property is. Individuals would feel better purchasing a home which has existing safety and security measures in place as opposed to one that does not. An added benefit of installing one of our Slamlock gates would be reducing the risk of potential break-ins, which can result in reduced monthly insurance premiums. Most insurance company would gladly insure any home which already has precautions in place and reduces the possibility of future claims.
  • Peace of mind: there is no price or value on having mental sanity and peace of mind. Having negative thoughts about your safety in your own home can lead to an unhealthy mental state which is likely to boil over into other aspects of your life. Every home should be a safe haven for its occupants, a place of comfort, peace, serenity and relaxation. Investing in an imperishable gate will give you the satisfaction you need to be able to get a good night’s rest, every night.

Here at Maxidor we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and safety. We deliver the best products and remain unbeaten in the providing the best crime barriers. Our buy back guarantee further reiterates the confidence we have in our installation staff and expandable security products. The chemical fastening procedure prevents the installed barrier from being ripped out of the wall by criminal offenders, as the process bonds the fastener to the substrate. To further prevent the degradation of our barriers, nylon components are added that reduce corrosion and rust as well as allow for easier mobility, this in turn increases the longevity of our security gates and doors. If you are interested in securing your home, contact us today for a quote!



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