“What is your ‘buy-back guarantee’ and how does it work?” is a frequently asked question our knowledgeable sales consultants have to answer when giving a quote to a customer. First it is important to note that Maxidor is not in the business of buying back our products, but our business is to save lives.

We are so convinced in the high quality standard of our products to withstand an attack, stop criminals and buy you the time you need to react, that we are both comfortable and confident to offer a buy-back guarantee.

We are there for saying that we will repair, replace or refund Maxidor products that do not fulfil this expectation. Here are a list of our terms and conditions to qualify for our Buy-Back Guarantee:

  • The Buy-Back™ Guarantee applies to most of the Maxidor products.
  • The Maxidor Classic products carry the Buy-Back™ Guarantee if they are installed inside. The guarantee does not apply if they are installed outside.
  • Only a product that has been breached will be covered, and any other damaged product will be repaired at the customer’s expense; if so instructed.
  • Modifications by the Customer to the standard product range (unless approved in writing by Maxidor) will render any guarantee void.
  • The product must have been installed by a Maxidor approved installer, or a Maxidor Franchisee or Agent.
  • In the unlikely event of a breach through a Maxidor product, the incident must be reported to Maxidor and the SAPS, and the case number must be obtained within 24 hours.
  • All guarantees are subject to adequate, regular washing, servicing and maintenance by the customer. Fair wear and tear is excluded.
  • The products should be maintained regularly and be free of any damage.
  • Maxidor reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement if the maintenance schedule is not adhered to.
  • The Customer shall only have one claim per product.
  • Post installation damages and consequent rust is excluded from the guarantee. 

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