Residential, commercial and agriculture are just some of the mainstream sectors in which we see fencing actively utilized. The fencing installed in these areas is typically the first thing we subconsciously notice yet it is also the thing we overlook and regard as insignificant due to its minor visual impact. The fencing options available to us today has drastically improved and evolved from what we first knew about mesh fencing. Having prime options at your disposal allows you choose a fencing which will not only secure your perimeter but elevate the appearance and value of the property. Discussed below are the benefits which this particular type of fencing provides in the above mentioned sectors.


Having a secure yet private home is a large determining factor in the purchasing and resale of property. In recent economic climate, people have been found to gravitate towards compact mesh fences rather than concrete walls as the costs associated with the latter are significantly greater. Added security is the leading reason as to why people invest in fencing. Many prefer to live in a home which is cordoned off and offers a certain percentage of safety as opposed to living in a home where people and animals have direct access to your yard and door step. Such installation can also be useful in eco-estates and gated communities if rules permit, as it allows for families to still enjoy a bit of privacy and protects younger kids and pets from wondering off and possibly getting injured.

However, with a variety of materials to choose from, why do people prefer mesh fencing? Well that’s an easy question to answer. Although choosing wood might prevent passer-by’s from catching a glimpse into your yard, it is an easily penetrable material. It wouldn’t require maximum effort to find a weak spot in the fence and give possible intruders a means to enter your property. Chain link fences although still considered mesh is equally penetrable as wood and have a much more flimsy appearance. It is best to conduct comprehensive research before investing in fencing that might not stand the test of time.


Similarly to homeowners, the top priority of business owners is the safety of their staff, stock, machinery and of course the property itself. Theft on any scale could potentially be detrimental to the sales and reputation of the company. We therefore see stricter security measures in place on business premises, such measures include high quality security fencing which proves difficult to penetrate using conventional bolt and wire cutting equipment. Robbers are likely to lose interest and find other premises to target if they are faced with difficulty before even entering the property. A large number of companies opt for fencing which contributes to and compliments the professionalism of the establishment to avoid scaring off potential clientele. Due to the exceptional size of some premises, the fences installed should ideally not require much maintenance as this could turn out to be a time consuming and costly process.


The use and investment of proper fencing in the farming industry is equally as important as having essential farming supplies and the best products/ feed for the animals. Livestock farming greatly depends on the good health and maintenance of the animals, therefore securing the grazing grounds will assist farmers in containing the movements of the animals to a specified perimeter. Along with keeping the animals enclosed, the correct implementation of fencing can assist farmers in other ways. Having areas fenced off allows for easier observation of the grazing space and informs farmers of how much space is needed to sufficiently satisfy the herd. It is also an excellent barrier to keep animals and produce safe from predators and criminals. The introduction of fencing has been known to greatly support the increase of crop productivity, as the chances of crop being eaten by the livestock is reduced.

With multiple  clearview mesh fencing options available at Maxidor, it is much easier to select an option based on your needs. We offer three fence options:

Compact mesh fence: The anti-cut and anti-climb properties make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. The small mesh apertures provide great visibility and make it almost impossible to see from a distance.

Medium mesh plus fence: The mesh panels are highly rigid as they have rectangular apertures with horizontal reinforcements. It is suitable for agricultural and sporting usage.

Medium mesh fence: Provides maximum security with stylish design and aesthetic. The horizontal and vertical mesh panels are attached to attractive posts which make this product perfect for new industrial and infrastructure developments.  


All of our fencing options are customizable and offer unique individual properties. Our specialized PVC bond fusion coating ensures and supports an extended lifespan which requires minimal maintenance. Contact us today for a custom quote!