New lockdown regulations have been announced and with adjusted alert level 2 restrictions we can expect shorter hours of curfew. Whilst this may sound like good news as we fast approach the festive period; it can be the total opposite for many as criminal activities are likely to be on the increase. Your home is your personal sanctuary and you should be able to feel safe and secure within its boundaries. With countless investments, memories and belongings situated within its four walls, it is easy to understand why home owners need more than just household insurance to protect their years of hard work and dedication.  Whilst having a strong and solid boundary wall might seem like a good protection option; it is possible for perpetrators to penetrate the boundary and make their way into your property, leaving you and your loved ones exposed and vulnerable. Maxidor security gates and burglar bars have proven to stand the test of time and offer you the protection you need in times when it matters the most. 

It is almost a rarity to stumble upon a location to set down roots which doesn’t require added security and preventative measures. It is estimated that in more than half of the break-ins occurring in residential areas, the intruders gain access into the home through an unprotected door or window. The unfortunate reality of our increasing crime rate has gated and lifestyle estate property owners investing in additional individual security. With this new reality upon us, it makes perfect sense for security gates and burglar bars to be an absolute necessity for standalone dwelling owners. If you have made the decision to take added measures to secure your property, below are just some of the reasons as to why Maxidor security products are a fantastic lifelong investment.

  • We don’t compromise on quality!

Budget is a great influencing factor when searching for a security gate or burglar bar; however investing in a product of excellent quality should be just as important.  It is advised to not simply settle for the most affordable quote but rather purchase a product that has the strength and functionality you require. Although appealing, a cheaper option might not provide you with the aesthetic you seek and quality structure that will be able to withstand extreme force.  The sole purpose of a security gate or burglar bar is to create a deterrent; however the product must be able to prevent intruders from entering your home when necessary. Quality in conjunction with affordability must be well thought out before committing to a service provider. 

Our security gates are SABS approved and have chemical fastening which is used to create a strong and permanent bond between the fixing material and the wall. The chemical fastening ensures that the installed gate is not ripped out of place by possible intruders. Our unique SlamlockTM feature allows the gate to lock upon force and does not require the use of a key. This is a key feature for home security as time is of the essence when faced with an adverse situation. 

  • We’ve got custom sizing covered!

You don’t have to compromise on the outward appearance of your home by selecting standard door and window options. Whilst new developments offer designs which appeal to one’s artistic side, many prospective buyers might be hesitant to make a purchase due to the concerns of not finding suitable security barrier options. Maxidor offers their clients multiple colour options and custom sizing that will fit securely into any door or window opening, without compromising on the structural integrity of the product.  

Our Maxi-Grill burglar bars are designed with tamper-proof fastening that increases its protection, the more it is meddled with. These custom burglar bars can be fitted into any opening irrespective of shape and dimensions. Whilst designing and manufacturing custom options might be a challenging task to achieve, Maxidor rises to the occasion with outstanding product quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking to secure your personal or business property, security gates and burglar bars can be a simple and cost effective solution in decreasing the risk of being burglarized and deterring potential perpetrators. If you are seeking structurally strong and functional security barriers to suit your lifestyle, Maxidor offers comprehensive security solutions that will protect you and your loved ones when it matters the most.