Tourists from all over the world say that South Africa is among of the most beautiful countries in the world. Even South Africans who travel abroad truly appreciate our country upon their return, but crime is a reality that so many South Africans are living with.

CEO of RE/MAX Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett comments that, “With the high levels of crime experienced in this country, South African home buyers are some of the most security conscious in the world. In fact, security has become a major determining factor in where people choose to purchase their homes. As a result properties with top-end security features or those located in security estates are highly sought-after and often fetch a higher price than other types of properties.”

The Internet is overloaded with articles and tips on how to increase your Home’s security, but the simplest last line of defense remains the humble burglar bar and security gate, whether expandable/retractable or a swing gate. Criminals target homes that they perceive as being easy and quick to get into. They don’t like spending too much time trying to break through barriers that are strong and durable.

Security systems that are visible such as security gates, automatically makes it look like gaining entry to the home is difficult and an effort. Ultimately you want to make it as hard as possible for intruders and criminals to break in. Maxidor does a full house inspection and assess security breaching points and which one of our products will work best.

In a nutshell, homes with proper security features like burglar bars, security cameras, and security fencing generally are more in demand and provide a greater return on investment over the long term.  More and more potential home buyers are not willing to compromise on inadequate security solutions. Make sure you secure your home with Maxidor. You will not only feel and be safe and secure, but you will also increase your property value and make reselling your home, more attractive.

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