Maxidor’s got skills they’re multiplying, but they are not losing control. If you thought that a Maxidor is only installed to keep people in or out, and for safety reasons, you are seriously mistaken. Although the main aim is a quality, durable security gates and barrier, a Maxidor security gate, expandable or retractable door, and yes even the shutter, has multiple uses. Where there is an opening needing closure or to be cornered off, Maxidor is your answer.

Maxidor recently did an installation for a big corporate company, not only securing the identified area but also bordering the canteen area to divide the spaces and to control the crowds more effectively. But why not just permanently close the opening? How versatile is a Maxidor? Maxidor security gates are the ideal solution to control and manage crowds, access, and security and also acts as a divider.

What you need to remember is that it isn’t necessarily how large the crowds are, but how they behave or how you want to streamline ‘traffic’ flow.  Barrier it in the right way, and areas can be used for dual purposes. A Maxidor can easily be slid open and neatly stacked at one end of the opening to open up the area again if need be, meaning that this security gate gives versatility regarding the use of the area.

This specific company had a need to secure and control the access to their big canteen area and training facilities. Retractable Maxidor gates, Maxi Ultra, were installed because:

  1. The client wanted to put a barrier between the training facility and the canteen to corner the spaces off for dual use.
  2. The client wanted to control the crowds coming to the canteen area so as to have one opening for entry and the other opening for exiting, but also wanted the openings flexible to accommodate larger functions or crowds.
  3. Safety was important to the client. By cornering off some of the exits and entrances some security risks were minimized and a security checkpoint could be established that adhered to the health and safety laws.
  4. Security of computers and televisions were the other reason they wanted Maxidor expandable security gates installed. This also meant that the canteen staff could just lock the doors at night and return in the morning to find everything left the way it was.
  5. In the case of an emergency, the Maxidor security gates could also serve as a crowd barrier to prevent trampling and panic.

What was really extraordinary about this installation, that more and more people start to realize how versatile, durable and strong the Maxidor Security Gates have become. Maxidor aims to secure South Africa one Maxidor at a time. Although our core business focus remains that of safeguarding loved ones and valuables, buying time you need in a threating situation etc., more and more uses for Maxidors are discovered. For more information on the products please visit or phone 0860 131 131 for an obligation free quote and assessment.

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