When we see a photo on social media where a criminal got through a security gate or burglar proofing, we feel even more determined to make our Maxidor products stronger and more durable. But life is not foolproof…nothing is foolproof. For something to be flawless in a human world is impossible. Human beings make mistakes despite best intentions to consider all eventualities. The best possible solution –  continually evolve and develop and install the highest quality, most efficient burglar bar, security gate or retractable security gate systems.

Security cameras – yes you are able to see from a safe distance, but more often than not it remains a post incident review system.

Security guards – yes having a person to assist you in a crime situation or even being armed will be valuable to make criminals think twice before intruding, but will it stop them, especially in the face of Human factor?

Armed response – yes peace of mind that help is on its way. Will it stop criminals from gaining access, or prevent them from stealing or combat violent crimes?

Guns or weapons – you might be able to defend yourself, but should I criminal gain entry undetected, he has the advantage of surprise, and no one really knows how that situation might play out. The criminal might use your very own weapon against you.

Guard dogs – yes they warn you, but criminals can and often poison them.

Security Gates – yes they buy you time to react as it is the only physical barrier, between you and possible threats. The correct barriers make it extremely difficult to get into the house and it also gives you peace of mind while you are sleeping. It reduces your monthly insurance premium and in a lot of instances it keeps criminals at bay. But we have a saying in the office – ‘if a criminal wants to get in, given enough time, they will, it is just a question keeping them at bay, away from you and your loved ones, for as long a period of time as possible.”

Combined security solutions – ensures layers of protection, each with a very specific function.  From early warning systems, to armed response units, and of course CCTV to review any incident. Staying in Fort Knox will bring you a sense of safety, after all what is more important than your loved ones. None of the above security solutions in isolation is perfect, but we help and support each other to insure that you, your family and loved ones can be as safe as possible in a maximum crime environment.

So if you can’t really guarantee any security system in isolation, why does Maxidor bring you the ‘buy back guarantee’ on their products? At Maxidor we feel that our products are the best on the market and the closest you will get to a foolproof security physical gates system. Although given enough time nothing is impenetrable, Maxidor gives you the ‘buy back guarantee’ as a bold statement of confidence in our product. If it doesn’t do what we said it will – we will buy it back.

We believe that our products are the strongest and most durable in the industry.  Making good on our vision, that of making South Africa a little safer one Maxidor at a time. Give us a call 0860 131 131 to find out more or visit our website www.maxidor.co.za

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