You read the headline correct. By investing in proper security Gates, Burglar Bars And Roller Shutters at your home or business, you can save money on your insurance. What is more is you are adding value to your property, while protecting valuables and the people you care for. Maxidor calls this a win-win situation.

A growing number of households find it increasingly difficult to recover from unexpected shock expenses, such as theft. Maxidor is ready to assist.

Insurance companies look for ways they can push up your premiums. One of the questions asked when enquiring about insurance is “what security is in place at the premises?”  Although insurance is a grudge purchase, don’t see installing of security barriers as one. See it as adding value to your property. You are increasing the value of your home or office and you will make the money back with interest should you sell. Meanwhile it will keep your belongings and loved ones safe.

Security Roller Shutter Doors increase property prices because it makes the property attractive to buyers when they see a safe environment already exists. Future buyers look for elements in the house that are fixtures. They feel that they don’t have to go through the trouble and pay extra to put in security systems.

Maxidor security products are becoming more recognizable by criminals as a barrier which is difficult to get through. The chemical anchor is a secure method of installing, ensuring that the product cannot be ripped out of the wall. The high quality steel and lock make Maxidor products any criminal’s nightmare and any insurer’s dream.

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