The difference between house burglary and house robbery is simple. During both theft occurs, but
the difference is whether there is a victim and the way the victim is handled. In the case of a
robbery, a victim is present and robbed by means of intimidation, force, violence or threat. Whereas
burglaries, usually occurs during the day when nobody is home.

According to Stats SA “housebreaking is the number one crime in South Africa.” The Governance,
Public Safety and Justice Survey (GPSJS) 2018/19 released by Stats SA revealed that there were
about 1,3 million housebreakings in South Africa. In the report it reads: “The most likely victims of
housebreaking were male-headed households, households in metros, Indian/Asian households
followed by white households, very low and very high-income households, and households in
Northern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.”

This report also indicated that approximately 260 000 incidences was home robberies. The report
states that “the most likely victims of home robbery were households in metros, white-headed
households and households headed by young people. The most common weapons used in home
robbery were guns (54%) and knives (47%).” For the full report click here:

Housebreaking is the number one crime in SA

  • There are quite few things you as a home owner can do to safeguard your house:
    Security audit or assessment. Maxidor has knowledgeable, well-trained and security pre-
    screened consultants who do a full security assessment of your home in order to give you
    the right advise on where the weak points are that need securing.
  • Burglar-proof all your windows. The Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars are designed to fit neatly inside
    the space of any regular window or opening. The unique tamper-proof fastening design
    ensures the more you tamper with a Maxidor product, the better it protects.
  • Invest in perimeter fencing with a high degree of security, combined with optimal visibility
    of the perimeter. The Compact Mesh Fence (Maxi-Fence/Maxi-View) is vandal resistant due
    to its anti-cut feature. The anti-climb feature also makes it difficult for criminals to climb
    over the fence.
  • Secure your front door, back door, sliding doors and other openings. The Maxidor Ultra
    Trellis Security Gates and/or Security Doors with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting
    components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind. This
    product is durable and buys you enough time to react in case of a threat.
  • Secure your sleeping area with an Inscape TM form Maxidor. You should safeguard your
    sleeping area so that it forms a sort of panic room/area. Maxidor calls it an Inscape TM which
    is basically the securing of all entry and exit points as well as an inside retractable Maxidor
    Security gate with the Slamlock TM built into it.
  • Invest in an alarm system, security beams and armed response. While an alarm will alert
    you and notify the armed response, the physical security barriers buy you the time you need
    for them to respond.
  • It is extremely sad to say but South Africa is a highly crime-sick country and the citizens’ perceptions
    of safety in and around their homes are vital. We at Maxidor can’t emphasize enough how important

being vigilant is and how prevention is better than the cure. For more information visit or to get an obligation free quote and security assessment phone 0860 131 131.

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