Professor Rudolph Zinn is the author of “Home Invasion: Robbers Disclose What You Should Know.”
He said that burglary is the biggest crime hitting neighbourhoods with over 240 000 burglaries
reported every year in South Africa.

Crime is getting closer and closer to home and it becomes a sad day, when you realise that you can’t
even trust your neighbours. Just think about it. How many people actually know their neighbours?
Syndicates have been known to work out of normal houses in normal suburbs, because it looks less
suspicious. You might be living next to a poaching syndicate or even drug dealers. Everyone knows
about the army deployed to crime infested communities in Cape Town. In certain areas gangs are
threatening their own communities, shooting and looting the innocent.

Living anywhere in South Africa means you have to be vigilant and on the lookout for any suspicious
activity, even right next door.
You can help by:

  • Getting to know who lives next door to you. Exchange numbers, because you never know
    when you might need to phone a neighbour.
  • Making sure your security alarm and cameras work. Footage of criminal activity caught on
    camera or the sounding of an alarm may assist in arrests.
  • Doing your part in the neighborhood watch. The more eyes around the neighborhood, the
    better the chances that criminal activity can be prevented.
  • Reporting suspicious activities in the neighborhood. This might give police some leads on
    previous crimes and might even lead to arrests.
  • Making sure your own physical security barriers like burglar bars, security gates, fencing and
    roller shutters are in place, strong and serviced regularly.
  • Being vigilant and cautious by always keeping a watchful eye

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