Maxidor supports a Mother’s instinct to protect her children.

We all know a Mother will jump in front of a bus for her children. She will sacrifice her life. There is no unconditional love like the love of a mother. To the world, this might not fit her persona; however the primal instinct of motherly protection remains very strong.

Maxidor aims to not only secure families against home invaders with custom-made burglar bars and security gates, but also believe in assisting as many South Africans with tips on how to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

We believe prevention is better than cure: here are some tips to help you make your home a safe haven, and your family less vulnerable:


  • Make sure all the windows and doors are equipped with a Maxidor security gate or burglar bar. Maxidor is not only a visible deterrent, but a formidable physical barrier between you and the outside world.
  • Make sure your home and yard is well lit, especially as winter approaches, the early mornings and evenings are especially vulnerable times. Check lights regularly, and ensure that they are working.
  • Assess your garden; trim your trees and hedges so that there aren’t places for intruders to hide or climbable ways to get into your house or yard.
  • Be vigilant and aware. Don’t get distracted by your kids or be on your phone while entering the premises.


  • Be aware of what goes on outside. If the dogs bark, pay attention. If you hear something, react. Don’t ignore parked vehicles outside or someone at the intercom. Rather call someone to assist, for example your armed response company and or your local CPF – don’t do it alone and leave your children vulnerable.
  • Plan for a panic situation. Create a safe haven where you can run into and SlamlockTM the gate to create a barrier between you and the intruder. This will buy you time to for call help.
  • Have your panic button handy, so that you can call for instant help. Ensure that your keys are stored within your safe area – don’t have accessible keys on the unprotected side.
  • Have an escape/emergency plan and teach your kids the drill. Let them learn emergency numbers, neighbor’s numbers etc. Show them where to hide and plan your emergency routine– this could be a fun activity, whilst practicing your moves in a threatening situation. Prepared households are safer households.


  • The internet could be a great source of self-defense tips – Make sure you know the right moves to immobilize an intruder.
  • Teach your kids the same.
  • Whilst Firearms can make you feel secure, in the wrong hands they are weapons of destruction. It might be worth having alternative weapons handy for example, a paintball gun, Taser or even pepper spray.

Maxidor realise that mothers play a vital role in our society and how important it is to protect them from harm. For a full security assessment and obligation free quote, call 0860 131 131 where our consultants are standing by to assist.  Maxidor’s national footprint ensures fast response. We remain so confident in our products ability to thwart crime, that we are still the only company to offer the BuyBack™ guarantee.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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