With almost 40 years of experience in the physical security barrier business, we have seen our fair
share of security weaknesses at homes. Here are the 7 most common security weaknesses we

1. A lack of an inside security barrier system aka Inscape TM .

A lot of home and business owners only secure their premises from the outside. They install camera
systems, security fencing and burglar bars, but what happens if the intruder makes it past all those
barriers? Something like a school’s finance office or a home’s sleeping quarters need extra
protection. A final barrier to buy you the time you need to react in case of an emergency. It also
serves as an additional deterrent to criminals. Maxidor’s trademark Inscape TM system is where a safe
haven is created inside the office or home almost like a panic room.

2. No security gate at the interior door linking the garage with the rest of the house.

Almost all the houses have interior doors linking the garage with the rest of the house. A lot of home
owners forget to secure this entrance with a security gate. An expandable security gate is the best
seeing as it takes up little space, and is quick to close if it has a slamlock TM system.

3. Exposed hinges and locks.

Criminals look for weak spots. A hinge or lock is much easier to break through than a big steel
security gate or door. Make sure your doors and security gates are installed so that burglars can’t get
to the hinges and locks. Maxidor security gates have the strongest locks on the market in South
Africa and have superior quality tracks and components.

4. A lack of strong security gates in front of exterior doors.

In South Africa physical security barriers is not a nice to have, but a necessity to guard those you love
and your valuables. You pay for what you get. Cheap physical security barriers are made of cheap
components and material, hence meaning it is easy to break through. It takes between 1-2 minutes
max to break through a cheap security door. Are you willing to gamble with the lives of your loved

5. Security barriers fitted outside the window and not inside.

Physical security barriers like burglar bars should always be installed on the inside of the window.
Not only does it look better and work well with opening of windows, but also assist with securing the
home properly. Thus the criminal first need to break the window, possibly setting off the alarm or
alerting people inside the house, before they can try to get through the burglar bars.

6. Untrimmed bushes and tree branches hanging over walls.

Keeping your hedges trimmed and tree branches short hamper intruders. They can’t use the bushes
to hide and the tree branches to climb over walls.

7. Un-motorized garage doors and entry gates.

Un-motorized garage doors and entry gates that can’t be opened or closed remotely, pose a high risk.
It gives a criminal a chance to attack. At least when you are sitting in your car waiting for the gate to
open, you can see the attacker coming or drive away in case of a potential dangerous situation. A
motorized gate or garage door is also much more secure and is more difficult to get in when closed.

Maxidor manufactures and installs superior quality physical security barriers like burglar bars,
security gates, expandable security gates, roller shutters, perimeter fencing etc.

Visit the website www.maxidor.co.za for more on all the products.

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