When thinking about upgrading the security around your home one doesn’t naturally gravitate to the thought of installing roller shutters as it is often associated with commercial and industrial purposes. We every so often have difficulty visualizing the multiple usages of a single product and this in turn limits the security options we believe we have. Roller shutters have been modernized over the years and are now able to be elegantly incorporated into your home and enhance the value of the property.

The main purpose and benefit of roller shutters has and always will be to provide security and a stronger barrier against intruders. Such shutters are very closely fixed to the doors and windows you wish to secure making it difficult for any potential threat to remove without an immense amount of effort. Whilst working as an excellent physical deterrent, they are also a great immediate visual deterrent. As most burglaries generally take place within a relatively short amount of time, many if not all intruders would not want to go through the effort of trying to break down or break through the roller shutter and run the risk of generating unwanted attention towards themselves. Once it is closed and fixed into position, it is almost impossible for someone on the outside to breach it. Maxidor offers both steel and aluminium shutters, each available as either manual or motorized options. Steel is a more cost effective material in comparison to aluminium and has the benefit of being moulded into various shapes. Aluminium has a corrosion resistant property which reduces the upkeep required over the years.

Protection against unpredictable weather conditions is an added benefit to installing roller shutters along doors and windows. Unusual weather patterns often bring about extreme hail, flash floods and a large amount of destruction. Lowering the shutters during such times can instantaneously make you feel safer within your home and prevent any physically damage to the house by deflecting debris and broken branches. Whilst keeping you safe during a storm, it will also preserve the warm air in the house. Our aluminium shutters have the ability to regulate the internal and external temperatures due to the ventilation slots present which allow air to pass back and forth. Having the temperature within your home at a comfortable level is an important aspect to remember when considering investing in roller shutters.

Individuals can choose the amount of light which enters the home by adjusting the shutters to a suitable level. One has a great deal of control over whether a room is completely dark or has ample sunlight shining through. Perforated shutters are more suitable for home use as it is visually likable from both inside and out, allowing fresh air to enter the home without putting yourself at risk and still observing privacy. Without a clear and direct view into a home and no sighting of valuables, a potential intruder will not be tempted to orchestrate a burglary/ robbery. Any road facing windows such as a bedroom, secured with shutters will keep you at ease. Having control over the entering natural light and privacy is all but a few of the advantages associated with roller shutters. It would be interesting to note that noise is significantly reduced with roller shutters. Noise pollution has been known to contribute to increased stress level amongst individuals. If you happen to live near a main road or busy area, this would be a great investment. The Maxidor Alu Shutter is manufactured from lightweight aluminium material which decreases operational noise whilst lessening external noises by up to 50%, thus giving your family a much quieter and productive living environment.

If you are interested in roller shutters for security reasons only then you might not be too apprehensive about the appearance of the shutters however, if a shutter to block out or let in heat and sunlight is what you are looking for then you might want a more appeasing shutter. Whatever the purpose might be, you can be certain our roller shutters will meet your needs and remain securely attached to your wall despite the circumstances. Available in the standard colours of black, brown and white, you can also select customized colour options as well. For most security barrier installation companies, determining the reason for the shutter will help determine the strength of the shutters needed, however, we at  Maxidor pledge that all our roller shutters provide the best in terms of security barrier features and your desired aesthetic details. Contact us today and one of our professionals will happily assist you and provide you with a free quote. Upon assessment of your property, you will be further advised as to how to proceed and be one step closer to a safer future.

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