A slam lock gate works on the principle of locking on impact with the key lock unit. With such a gate in place, a person simply has to swing or slide the security door into the lock system, without the need to use a key to lock the door.

If you are caught off guard inside or in your home or office entrance by an attacker, having to close a security gate or door and then lock it with a key is too time consuming. The slam lock system enables you to save time in getting a safety barrier between you and the assailant, and this can mean the difference between being able to call for help or being severely injured or even killed.

We offer the Maxidor Ultra Expandable security barrier that comes with a double slam lock system. Indeed, Maxidor is the original manufacturer of the famous Slamlock™ and other companies simply imitate the system. Our system is still superior in every way. It comes with extra sturdy connections, extremely durable construction and corrosion resistant characteristics.

These doors are used in passages, in front of windows at shop fronts, as patio doors, garden and home entrance security doors and shop dividers. Unless the criminals have sophisticated equipment and a lot of time with no or very little chance of being heard or seen while trying to break the gate open, they will have to find another place to break in to gain entrance.

Our slam lock gate system has aluminium top and bottom tracks which are lightweight, but extremely difficult to cut. With aluminium being rust resistant, the risk of the door’s construction being compromised because of corrosion is completely eliminated.

The top track adds additional strength to the gate structure, and the design features extended track cover and curtains on both sides, which protects the rivets from being taken out with tools. The gate’s bottom track also forms part of the support system and has a rounded design, which minimises the risk of injury when open, while the anti-trip design also reduces the risk of falling over the track.

The flights are protected by uprights on both sides, offering a total of 13.6mm of steel between you and the assailant. With the equal spacing of the grids, there is no gap where a criminal can slide through. The gate also features high-grade nylon between the metal parts, thus ensuring easy, sleek and silent movement over the tracks.

We apply a pre-chemical fastener into the hole where the support structure is installed, enabling absorption into the substrate and thus providing a highly secure installation. With such, the gate cannot be ripped from the wall. With the TGIC grade UV stabilised finishing, the chances of fading or yellowing of the door is completely eliminated.

What’s more is that our security Slamlock™ gates are sold  with a 10-year buy-back guarantee. If criminals are able to break through or have the door broken out, then we will buy-back the system. This means that you have a money-back guarantee for a full decade. The door must be installed by a Maxidor agent and the guarantee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and installation. Don’t settle for imitations. Buy the original Slamlock™ system.

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