Home office workers and small business owners advertising products in the classifieds are often targeted because criminals assume that they have large amounts of cash at home.

Having roller shutters in front of offices at home helps to make it difficult for criminals to do surveillance and to look through the windows to spot equipment. Such roller shutters can also be installed at garage entrances and at verandas to close off the areas completely. Made to be exceptionally strong and difficult to cut through, the shutters act as deterrents and protect against opportunistic burglars.

However, security shouldn’t be limited to roller shutters. Indeed, several layers of security enhance the safety profile for home occupants and reduce the probability of criminals gaining successful entry to the house. Such security should include burglar bars in front of open windows and perimeter fencing.

When it comes to the perimeter fencing, it is imperative to select a transparent fence, as it has been noted that criminals prefer homes with walls, which enable them to freely move and do what they want inside the garden without being spotted from the street. With see-through fencing, the criminals also cannot hide behind the fence and wait for someone to open the gate from inside and then to enter unnoticed.

Clear-view wire mesh fences, as available from us, are extra strong, aesthetically appealing, durable, and difficult to scale or to get a saw or cutter in between the posts to cut the fence. Burglar bars, roller shutters and perimeter fences make homes less attractive as targets for criminals. However, adding another layer of security helps to protect the home’s occupants even more.

Security slam lock doors that are retractable, difficult to rip from the frame systems and extremely difficult to cut through should be installed at all entrances to the home. With such, should a home occupant be approached by assailants while the door is open, the home occupant can slam the door into the lock position, without having to struggle with key lock systems. The slam lock action thus saves time and can mean the difference between life and death.

Adding such security gates inside the house to separate the rooms from the main living areas creates an additional security layer – giving the homeowner time to get a barrier between the family and assailants, and having enough time to call the police, armed response or neighbourhood watch teams.

Homeowners should have emergency numbers displayed at two or three places in the house and also have them on speed dial. Neighbourhood watch initiatives furthermore make houses located in such areas less attractive targets. Experts add that it is important to answer gate bells and to pretend that there is more than one person (if alone) in the house, so as to deter criminals from entering because they think nobody is home or only one person that can be overwhelmed.

Adding security lights, alarm systems and CCTV cameras, as well as having dogs inside the home, is also helpful in making the house more secure and less of a target.

What To Do First

Start by adding the essential security, such as roller shutters, burglar bars, perimeter gates, Clear-view fences and our Slamlock™ retractable security gates to protect against and deter criminals from entering your home, thereby adding to your peace of mind.

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