In an emergency, every second counts. Homeowners want hassle-free security mechanisms which work with minimum effort and maximum effect. The Maxidor Slamlock™ is the leading security barrier in this space.

Maxidor pioneered the Slamlock™ and it’s the original lock-on-impact barrier. Many security providers offer similar products but there are several reasons that the Maxidor Slamlock™ outranks the competition.

The system’s flights are protected by uprights on both sides, offering a total of 13.6mm of steel between you and a possible threat. A Chemical Fastener applied to the structure where the barrier is installed, this absorbs into the substrate resulting in a highly-secure installation which can’t be ripped out of the wall. With the equal spacing of the grids, there’s no gap for a criminal to slip through.

The Slamlock’s™ top track adds additional strength to the barrier’s structure, and the design features an extended track acting as curtains covering the rivets on both sides, which protects the rivets from being removed. The gate’s bottom track also forms part of the support system and has a rounded design, which minimises the risk of injury when open or of tripping over the track. The barrier features high-grade nylon components between the metal parts, ensuring easy, sleek and silent movement over the tracks.

The top and bottom aluminium tracks are lightweight but extremely difficult to break. And, as aluminium is rust resistant, there’s no risk of the system being compromised by corrosion. Another aesthetic consideration is the UV stabilised TGIC grade powder coated finish, which prevents the gate from fading or yellowing in the sun.

The Slamlock’s™ extremely sturdy and durable construction is endorsed by a 10-year Buy-Back™ guarantee, reinforcing the manufacturer’s promise of a security product that won’t let you down. The guarantee is valid from the date of payment and installation if the system was installed by a Maxidor agent.

So, whether you choose to use the Slamlock™ security barrier in a passage, as a patio door or any other security barrier, or as protection for a shop front and windows, it’s the original and best system to offer peace of mind and lightning fast solid security in the event of an emergency.

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