Smaller corporate entities are often at risk of armed robberies, and break-ins at night for theft of equipment and assets, as well as walk-in opportunistic theft of cellphones, handbags etc. Every step that a company takes to protect against such criminal activities helps to reduce its risk and also insurance premiums.

With overhead cost control being essential in the modern business environment, investing in long-term, low-maintenance corporate security solutions is a proactive step in controlling costs and protecting assets.

Security Gates

Often overlooked as important barriers against crime, high-quality swing security gates can be installed at the entrances to the building, and between the storerooms and office sections, as well as in hallways. With such, unauthorised access to specific sections of the building can be limited and the many barriers at night make it difficult for criminals to move from one section to another. With barriers in place, it takes more time to move around if the doors are closed at night and the criminals are thus enclosed in particular sections.

Burglar Bars

A second and equally important corporate security solution that shouldn’t be overlooked is the burglar bar system. Of course, corporations don’t want unsightly burglar bars in front of their windows. Fortunately, with modern technology, it is now possible to have invisible or transparent burglar bars over the windows and the strips can be connected to the alarm system. These burglar bars provide sufficient security without detracting from the visual appeal of the building.

Clear-view Fencing

The perimeter fence is another important barrier. Indeed, it forms the first barrier against crime. However, having a wall in place means that once the criminals have gained entrance to the premises, they are not visible from the street. They can thus move around, break into vehicles or the office building, or keep the office occupants hostage at gun point without being noticed from the street.

With the above in mind, it is recommended to consider corporate security solutions that will not reduce visibility of the surrounds. Palisade fencing has been used in the past, but a revolutionary new concept has even greater potential.

The Clear-view fencing system has a 25-year guarantee, doesn’t rust and cannot be cut or bent easily. It has a dense wire system that makes it difficult to scale and doesn’t leave enough space to get an arm through to get to the gate control mechanism. It is visually attractive and one of the best corporate fences available today.

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