Homeowners are particularly vulnerable at night between 7 and 12 according to a recent study on criminal behaviour. The television is playing, people are relaxed, cooking takes place and in many instances, doors are left open during the evening. With the home occupants focused on family activities and the noise of the television drowning out any sounds that may draw attention, criminals have ample opportunity to scan the surrounds to identify entry points, possible exit points, and security that can become problematic.

Homeowners often have a false sense of security because they have an alarm system. If the alarm system is off while watching television at night, then it is a weakness that can be explored. The alarm system for perimeter security should be on even while enjoying family activities in the house at night. Vigilance also makes the difference. It is worthwhile to remember that the criminals have the advantage of surprise and are in most cases armed. One open door is all that is needed to gain entrance.

When it comes to a security gate, it is imperative to invest in high-quality products. So, if the door can be ripped out of the wall without much effort, then obviously it isn’t worth much. Investing in a slam lock gate system is important. This type of gate can be installed anywhere in the house – at the entrance points, at the domestic quarters and at the safe room. With the modern types, it is also possible to have a pet entrance in the gate, which removes the need to open the security gate for the dog to go out at night, as this is often the opportunity that criminals wait for to gain entrance.

Should the security gate be open and criminals approach at fast speed, the slam lock action enables the home occupant to pull or slide the door into lock position without the need for a key. This time saving can mean the difference between life and death.

A few years ago a prominent resident of a high security game estate in the Lowveld was killed during a surprise attack shortly before bedtime. The dogs barked and the resident went downstairs to investigate. He opened the door for the dogs to exit and shortly after the attackers entered the home and killed him during the struggle that followed. A security slam lock gate may have saved his life.

It doesn’t matter where your home is located. Whether it is in an estate, on a farm, townhouse complex or normal residential, every additional security added helps to reduce the risk of surprise attack. Should such happen, you should have additional measures to create a barrier against you and the assailants, such as the high security slam lock gate available from Maxidor.

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