Think about it – any barrier that you can place between you and an intruder gives you more time to call for help or to arm yourself. Seconds can make a difference between life and death. Not having a security gate at the home entrance or even within the hallway means not having the extra seconds you need to close the main door, get away, call for help or to get assistance from your dogs or house occupants.

Adding a security gate to the main sleeping area to create a barrier between the living areas and sleeping area can help you sleep better at night – knowing that you have extra security in place. With such a gate in place, you can set the alarm or beam system in the living areas, while your dogs and cats are within the sleep areas.

You can thus walk around in the sleep section of the home without the risk of accidently triggering the alarm. However, should an intruder move in the living area section, the alarm is triggered. This can be connected to your 24-hour armed response or neighbourhood watch system. The risk of false alarms is thus significantly reduced.

In addition, you have a barrier between you and the intruders, which can ensure your family’s safety while waiting for help to arrive. With the majority of criminals who enter homes being armed, it makes sense to rather have a safe area than to risk being caught off-guard.

Places where you can install security gates for added protection of property occupants and assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Outside to create a barrier between the front and back garden.
  • Between the house and the garage.
  • Domestic quarters for your worker’s safety.
  • Between domestic quarters and the entrance to the house or garden, to protect against intruders that enter from the outside quarters.
  • Entrances to the house.
  • In-house to create a barrier between living and sleeping areas.
  • Safe room.

The steel swing gate with its double turn locking system provides for a deadlock and thus added security, superior to traditional lever lock systems. With exceptional durability as the result of the UV stabilised TGIC grade finish, the gate is sturdy and requires little to no maintenance. Colour options range from white to bronze, with colour-matching possible according to client requirements.

The swing gate can be slam locked for emergency closing when time is of the essence. Every barrier added between the criminal and the home occupant is another obstacle that the criminal must overcome before he can get to the house occupant. Adding steel swing gates to corridors and other places as mentioned above, is thus a crime preventative and often lifesaving step that every homeowner should take.

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