You’re Safe, Let the Burglar Worry About How to Get In

The safety of ourselves, families and possessions is dependent on keeping out of harm’s way – and keeping harm out. For many people in South Africa, however, this is much easier said than done. Many, many communities simply aren’t safe, and residents have a hard time staying clear of criminals’ evil intentions.

This is not to say that, on the other spectrum of things, upmarket gated communities are necessarily safe havens either. In fact, criminals rely on the fact that people who live in gated communities are more relaxed about security because, after all, they’re paying a premium to be kept safe and it’s the job of the on-site security provider to ensure that this is the case.

One mistake too many people make – at home and in their businesses (in all sorts of environments and communities) is not recognising the value of a good, solid security/safety gate.

A quality security gate could mean the difference between life and death in the event of an armed robbery, and if you’re away from the premises, the reliability of the structure should give any burglar a good run for their money.

But, be advised that you get security gates that look like a deterrent and you get security gates which are a deterrent. One such option here is a security gate with a slamming lock action.

Maxidor’s Slamlock™ gates have often, over the many years since we first introduced the design, been put to the test by burglars and other crafty criminals. We even recently had an incident in which a customer found himself on the wrong side of a Maxidor Slamlock™ gate, and was subsequently engrossed in a real-life battle to get into his own home.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the Slamlock™ security gate is the ultimate protection for homes and businesses:

The locking system: In partnership with Yale, the world’s strongest lock, the Slamlock™ is a double-throw locking system. We’re very proud to have recorded zero lock breaches in eight years!

The flights: The system’s flights are protected by uprights on both sides, offering a total of 13.6mm of steel between you and a possible threat. Some of our competitors offer as little as 4.8mm.

The fastener: A chemical fastener applied to the structure where the barrier is installed absorbs into the substrate, resulting in a highly-secure installation which can’t be ripped out of the wall.

The tracks: The Slamlock’s™ top track adds additional strength to the structure, and the design features an extended track acting as curtains, which protects the rivets from being removed.

The Slamlock™ is endorsed by a 10-year Buy-Back™ guarantee, valid from the date of payment and installation, if the system was installed by a Maxidor agent.


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