Don’t Leave the Welcome Mat Out for Criminals

With another holiday upon us, the Easter break, families will be looking forward to some downtime as they head off on holiday. We’d like to remind you that it is during holiday periods that criminals are most active, so take the time to re-evaluate your home’s security. We’d like to concentrate on the security of your doors in this article.

The most common access point for criminals is through a door. This doesn’t necessarily only happen when homeowners are away from the premises and when criminals have time to force a door and security gate open, it can happen when the family is at home too.

Too many families have returned from holiday to find their security gate and door broken, and their house plundered. Criminals are adept at forcing doors and gates open, and can make surprisingly quick work of this – if they’re not up against a good quality, solid security product.

This is why protecting your doors with high-quality security gates is vitally important.

Of course, once you’ve installed a high-quality security gate, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it is used properly and responsibly. There is no point in having a security gate on your door if you neglect to remove the key and store it in a safe place, or if the security gate is left wide open. As much as a security gate can protect you from danger, it can also be a major hindrance to you getting out of the house in the event of an emergency if you can’t find the key!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the Slamlock™ security gate is the ultimate protection for homes and businesses:

  • The locking system: In partnership with Yale, the world’s strongest lock, we have created the Slamlock™, which is a double-throw locking system. We’re very proud to have recorded zero lock breaches in eight years!
  • The flights: The system’s flights are protected by uprights on both sides, offering a total of 13.6mm of steel between you and a possible threat. Some of our competitors offer as little as 4.8mm.
  • The fastener: A chemical fastener applied to the structure where the barrier is installed absorbs into the substrate resulting in a highly-secure installation which can’t be ripped out of the wall.
  • The tracks: The Slamlock’s™ top track adds additional strength to the structure, and the design features an extended track acting as curtains, which protects the rivets from being removed. The gate’s bottom track also forms part of the support system. The top and bottom aluminium tracks are lightweight, but extremely difficult to break.

The Slamlock™ is endorsed by a 10-year Buy-Back™ guarantee, valid from the date of payment and installation if the system was installed by a Maxidor agent.

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