Recently released South Africa’s Crime Statistics, the #enoughisenough campaign against Women and Child Abuse, Xenophobia attacks etc. is trending all over social media and the news. It brings worry and a sense of uneasiness to a lot of South African residents about the safety of their homes and families. Your home is supposed to be your safe space, your haven, but with crime getting closer to home, the question and fear in everyone’s mind is: “will you or your family be the next victims?”

The statistics cover all reported crimes between 1 April 2018 and March 2019 and more about this can be found in

Most people associate robbery and burglary with theft, however a burglary occurs when a criminal enters a home or building intending to commit a crime. Theft, arson or vandalism and other crimes can be part of this intent. So a burglary is, simply put, “breaking and entering.”  Robbery is when a criminal forces or threatens someone to give up something. That criminal might use a gun or another weapon while demanding which elevates the crime.

So although the stats show a slight decrease in residential burglary since 2018, it shows an increase of robbery at residential premises. Danger is lurking everywhere and it is very important that you prepare and safeguard yourself and your loved ones especially at home where you naturally let your guard down because your home is your haven.

You can’t be oblivious anymore. Physical security barriers remain your last line of defence. Maxidor aims to protect the residence of South Africa one Maxidor at a time. Criminals can still climb over walls, but Maxidor’s fence has an anti-climbing design. Burglars can still try and get through a Maxidor security swing gate or expandable security door, but the chemical anchors make the door extremely difficult to break out of the wall. When you run away from the criminal you can still battle with locking the security door, but with the Maxidor Original Slamlock™ it creates an instant physical barrier in the event of an emergency by simply slamming it closed.

Don’t delay the protection of your loved ones. Don’t compromise on your loved ones’ safety. Prevention can combat regret.

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