During September 2019 the latest South African Crime Statistics were released by the South African
Police Service. The radio station 702 interviewed Maanda Tshifularo the Head of Dialdirect Insurance
on 17 September 2019. During this interview he mentioned that burglars’ entry points during
burglaries have changed. “Lately, we are seeing an increase in number of claims where entry is
gained through the garage” he said.

You might think that a garage is the one spot burglars will not target because of small windows and
an automated door. But on YouTube there are a few videos that show how a garage door can easily
be opened with something as simple as a coat-hanger.

Most garages have an inside door linking the house with the garage. This is extremely convenient for
criminals. They can pull in with a getaway vehicle or even steal your car to escape. They simply close
the garage door behind them so no suspicion is raised. With the direct entry to the house and the
getaway vehicle literary parked at the door, they can easily load all your valuables, open the door
and drive away. No mess no fuss.

A frightening thought is that the criminals might open the garage door, shut it behind them, restore
the automation and wait until you arrive, unknowing of the danger that waits inside the garage or
even inside your home.

Another reason criminals enter through the garage door is that they don’t have to break a window.
This will mean no noise or traces of broken glass which won’t raise alarm or suspicion. Most people
also don’t secure their interlinking door with a security gate because they think entry is difficult
enough through a solid motorized garage door.

Many of us don’t lock the door to the house from the garage during the day as we’re coming and
going. Normally these inter leading doors are not solid and don’t have a proper solid lock. Simple
tools available to them in your own garage can make access to your home even easier.
In fact all doors where you can gain entry from the outside should be secured with either an
expandable or a swing security gate. This will not only buy your armed response company the time
they need to catch the burglars in the act, but will also alert you before they gain access to your

Maxidor products are installed using chemical fasteners making the security gate very difficult to pull
out of the wall. The Slamlock TM system enables easy and quick closing of the gate and the strong
flights built into the design of the security barrier itself enhances its strength even more. Maxidor
products are superior physical security barriers and definitely buy you the time you need in a
potentially dangerous situation. Visit the website www.maxidor.co.za or contact 0860 131 131 to get
a free security assessment and quote. Safeguard your garage door and inter leading door.
Prevention is better than the cure.

*backlink: (Get the full article here: http://www.702.co.za/articles/361046/safety-tips-for-
homeowners-new-crime-trends-identified )
*backlink: videos of how burglars can open your garage door

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