Horrific crimes are unfolding around us against our women and children in South Africa. Many South
Africans are fleeing the country because people are afraid that their worst nightmares are going to
become a reality. We all need to stand together to combat this. How can you protect and keep the
people who are dear to you safe?

Here are 9 tips that might save your life or a loved one's life.
1. Secure your home and premises. Physical security barriers are your last line of defence so make
sure that it is high quality products you are installing. Our Maxidor products are fastened with
chemical fastener which makes it extremely difficult to break through.
2. Create an Inscape TM to cordon off your sleeping courters so that you can sleep safe. This can also
be regarded as your ‘panic room’. Maxidor expandable products and equip with the original
Slamlock TM which can be slammed closed behind you in case you have to run away from the intruder.
3. The elbow is apparently the strongest point on your body. If someone attacks you and grabs you,
elbow the criminal as hard as you can.
4. Women are generally distracted by a million things happening all at once around them. From kids
crying or arguing, to phone calls etc, these are all distractions that keep them from seeing or
realising that danger is around the corner. Be alert. Be aware. Be vigilant.
5. Women usually have a tendency to get into their cars after shopping, eating, working or gyming
and just sit there on their phones or making lists etc. Criminals are watching you, and you are
creating the perfect opportunity for him to get either into the car next to you or hijack you.
4. When a criminal gets into your car or forces you to drive somewhere, crash into something like
the car in front of you or a road sign for example. It is better to have a mild accident than have the
police find your body in a remote location.
5. When you get into your car in a parking area, look around you; look into your car, at the passenger
side floor and in the back seat. When there is suddenly a big van, bakkie or SUV parked next to your
car, first walk around and see if there is no suspicious looking people lurking. If a man is sitting alone
in the seat nearest to your car, walk back into the mall, or work, and get a security guard to walk
back with you.
6. As sad as it is to say women are easy target because of their sympathetic nature. People want to
be helpful, but it is just too risky. Today even a baby left at the side of the road or a person whose
car broke down next to the road, can be a luring card. An entire gang can be waiting behind the
bushes for you to stop.

7. Be careful of what you disclose in front of your home staff like your routine or schedule, and even
bills or bank statements lying around. A lot of home break-ins are linked to information that
domestic workers or gardeners gather.
8. If you hear load voices or sounds during the night, do not go out to investigate. Rather call your
armed responses or press your panic button. Criminals might even turn on all your outside taps full
blast so that you will go out to investigate and then attack.
9. Educate your women and children. Have a security and escape plan at home and always keep the
panic button close. Tell your kids what to do in all types of threating situations. Keep your family
informed, alerted and work together to stay safe.

Prevention is better than the cure. Don’t be naïve and think “it only happens to others and will never
happen to me/us.” Security pre-screened Maxidor consultants come out to your home for a full
security assessment and an obligation free quote on your physical security barriers. Enough is
enough. Upgrade your security today by contacting 0860 131 131.

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