Find a Partner for Life, Not Just a Security Company

As in any other industry, word of mouth is gold to a security company, such as Maxidor. Of course, we have full confidence in the design and durability of the products we sell to the public – in fact, we are so confident that many of them come with a 10-Year Buy-Back™ guarantee!

With the hundreds of security companies around, it can be daunting choosing the right partner to help you with your home or business security needs. Our advice is to do your homework, as security is a big decision and one which should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to getting the best possible protection, size does not matter in the security industry. Instead, knowledge, expertise and customer satisfaction do! This is why, to ensure the best possible protection, it’s important to partner with a security company with the savvy to help you make the right decisions, from the start.

There can be nothing more satisfying than leaving the big task of securing your home or office in the hands of experts – someone who can guide you to the next step and the best products for the job.

When choosing a security company, one of the first questions you need answered is how long has the company been in business, and is security its primary business or just a side line.

At Maxidor, we manufacture, distribute, market, sell and install custom safety and security solutions. Security is our business – it’s definitely not a sideline. We don’t believe we are “just installing a security gate”; we are installing a physical barrier between you and a possible threat.

It is also important to look at how up to date the company is with the latest trends in security, and how technologically advanced their products are. Remember, criminals are always up to date, so you never want to be one step behind on home security!

Also, look at the company’s staff training and best practices, as well as its management structure – could they really provide you with the customer care you deserve through the lifespan of your relationship?

In this respect, we can boast that Maxidor adheres to extensive quality controls and procedures in every department, and these are used to sustain our high standards for product strength, service excellence and the Maxidor Creed of Care.

Every year, since we opened our doors 30 years ago, we’ve improved what we do. Choosing the right security company to partner with is an important decision, so ensure that you make the right choice from the get-go. If you do your homework and ask the right questions, you should be able to sleep soundly, with peace of mind, that you’ve entrusted your security needs to experts.

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