Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest with Proper Security Gates

Home. It’s a short, simple word, but it holds a myriad of meanings for people, most of which are connected to feelings of comfort, security and peace.

The stark reality for South Africans though, is that the tranquillity of thousands of people’s home lives have been shattered by criminals. We’re forced to live behind gates and high walls, with the protection of private security companies that we can rely on at the push of a panic button.

Of all the most basic security systems you can install in a home, a security gate is probably one of the best defences.

Security gates allow you to enjoy your home to the fullest, because they can be used to section off areas of your home, for example, the living and bedroom areas.

South Africans love to entertain, and do not waste a minute in doing so in our beautiful summer months. Patios are popular entertainment spots but, unfortunately, have also become hotspots. A patio enclosed with security gates can make all the difference to entertaining with peace of mind.

Some crucial things to consider when it comes to a home security gate:

  • There are hundreds of security gates on the market. Our advice is, and always has been, ensure the security gate you choose does not just look like a deterrent – it actually needs to be a deterrent!


  • Keep security gates locked at all times, especially if your door is visible from the street. Opportunistic criminals will take advantage of a security gate which is left wide open.


  • Never leave the key in the gate. It should have a safe place, out of reach, where it is placed when not in use. Keeping the key in the same place is vitally important – the last thing you need in an emergency is to be hunting for the security gate key!


  • On weekends when the whole family is home, it is easy for all doors to be left open while people move in and out of the house – going in the front door and coming in the back door, and forgetting the front door is even open. Only keep one door open at a time.


  • A security gate with a slam lock capability adds an important layer to the protection you will get from this security barrier. In the event of an emergency, when every second counts, you will want to put as many barriers between you and an attacker as possible, and in the shortest possible time.


Maxidor pioneered the Slamlock™ and it is the original lock-on-impact barrier. Many others have tried to replicate the Slamlock™, but we remain so confident in our product that we endorse it with a 10-Year Buy-Back™ guarantee.


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