Give Burglars Proof Your Home Isn’t an Easy Target

It is not an option to live in a home or own an office premises without burglar proofing it. Statistics indicate that burglars favour windows and doors as means with which to enter premises, and are often not even put off by burglar proofing – because they can see by looking at it (often from a distance) how much of a challenge it is going to be.

Yes, criminals have done their homework regarding burglar proofing, so the only person you would be fooling by installing low-grade burglar proofing would be yourself. It’s simply not good enough to secure your property with something that only looks like security.

Another downside of just installing any burglar proofing is the resale value of the property. Burglar proofing has come a long way and is today a far cry from unsightly jail-type security. It is not necessary to shy away from securing your home because you don’t want anything to detract from its beauty and flow. Did you know that the burglar proofing products available today can actually add worth to your home?

Now, imagine burglar proofing on your windows that is completely see-through, but 100% effective. Well, the Maxi-View burglar bars, from Maxidor, offer exactly this and much more. They also have a rapid hot-lock unlocking mechanism, which enables the occupants to remove and bend the bars away in order to exit the premises.

Another option which offers solid burglar proofing with aesthetic value is expandable barrier gates. These are a non-invasive form of securing your home, and can be applied in many areas, including windows. We are so confident in the design of our window security barriers that our products offer a 10-Year Buy-Back™ guarantee and a five-year product guarantee.

We also offer the Maxi-Grill burglar proofing product, which has a unique tamper proof design – in fact, the more the barrier is tampered with, the better it protects! These have added style flights that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also anchor the uprights as a unit to the unique chemical fastening installation. The 16mm x 16mm uprights ensure a formidable barrier between you and the outside world.

When it comes to the ultimate solution in burglar proofing, the Maxidor Slamlock™ security gate is undoubtedly the best protection for homes and businesses. The Slamlock™ is endorsed by a 10-Year Buy-Back™ guarantee, valid from the date of payment and installation, if the system was installed by a Maxidor agent.

The basic thing to remember when shopping for burglar proofing is to look for products that are going to blend in with the theme of your home. And, of course, are going to do the job – burglar proofing!

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