Living on a greenbelt offers openness, calmness, scenic views and a sense of nature that you invite
into your home. Not having to look into someone’s property or into a brick wall it is always a plus
when buying a home or living there. However residents living on a greenbelt or in the proximity of
one must be on high alert and make sure that they have assessed their safety and security measures

The SA Police Service recently issued a Facebook warning about greenbelts. This post urged
greenbelt residents to be prepared and to sharpen up their beams, spot lights, security barriers,
alarms, fences etc. They reckoned that criminals gain entry to houses and properties via greenbelts
because it allows for a quiet and unseen break-in. The long grass or bushes also allows them to store
their weapons and tools that they use to gain entry into properties. Exiting via a greenbelt is also
easier seeing the perpetrators are not boxed in when needing to escape.

Usually a group, ranging between 3-5 criminals, who gain entry and exit via a greenbelt, are more
active during the night from about 22h00 to 2h00 in the morning. Rainy weather and misty
conditions in greenbelts are also advantageous to the criminals.

Maxidor offers the see-through Maxi-Fence Compact Mesh Perimeter Fence developed in South
Africa for applications requiring a high degree of security, combined with optimal visibility for the
perimeter. The Compact Mesh Fence is vandal resistant due to its anti-cut and anti-climb features.
The robust wire and welded joints makes cutting through the fence very difficult when using
conventional bolt or wire cutters. The small mesh apertures make climbing over it very difficult. Due
to advanced anti-corrosion properties, the high-quality PVC fusion-bond coating technology
guarantees an extended product lifespan and low maintenance.

Your last line of defence is your burglar bars and physical security gates. After the beams go off,
alerting the armed response, physical security barriers buy you enough time to react and make
catching you off guard difficult.

Maxidor’s superior security gates, burglar bars, roller shutter doors and perimeter fences combine
strength, function and design. All of these products are custom-made to suit individual needs,
ensuring maximum security to secure both home and business with professional advice all the way.
Contact 0860 131 131 to talk to your area specialist about security your loved ones and valuables.

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