Homeowners in security estates often live with a false sense of security. They are in an enclosed estate with access control, perimeter fencing and armed response. With such in place, they fail to take the normal security precautions, such as changing their routes home on a regular basis, doing background checks on employees, keeping windows and doors locked at night, and installing burglar bars and safety gates.

True, many security estates don’t allow for installation of perimeter fencing around the homes as it could affect the community feel and aesthetic appeal of the estate. However, not installing safety gates is unwise. Such gates provide the life-saving barrier between assailants and the victim. Just read the newspapers to see how many break-ins do occur in estates. This is because the estate residents are normally affluent, don’t have dogs, have no perimeter fences, lack proper security gates and often don’t have any burglar bars installed on their home windows.

Taken from a criminal’s perception – they only need to get through the access control or over the estate fence. Once inside, they can look like any other person working or staying there.

Having security gates with slam lock ability help the home occupants to quickly close the security gates and create a barrier between them and the criminals. This can give them enough time to get to the safe room, call for help and press the panic button, or to arm themselves should they own a weapon.

Such security gates should be installed at all entrances to the home and also in the main entrances to the room hallways, the safe room, and any offices at home and between the home and garage, as well as servant’s quarters.

Quality of the Gates

Having safety gates that can be bent open, ripped from the frames or derailed doesn’t help at all. Invest in high quality, corrosion resistant gates with slam lock action. If you have small animals, buy the gates with pet entrances as this will minimise the risk of criminals entering when you let the dogs in or out by opening the security gate.

The gate should have a high security lock system, such as the ones available from Maxidor, providing a higher level security than the conventional security locks. The swing gate cannot be derailed and is made from high grade steel with CO2 welding providing additional strength. Add to such the stainless steel rivets that will not rust and you have a durable security barrier to protect against surprise and unauthorised access.

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