5 Steps to Secure Schools Against Vandalism and Burglaries

15 April 2020 – Schools targeted by criminals nationally are standing at 233 and probably will have increased by the time this article gets published. During the week of 14 April 2020, The Basic Education Department announced that 183 schools were vandalised in 18 days. This number includes 55 schools in Gauteng, 72 in Mpumalanga and 7 in North West.

Since the lockdown started criminals stole vital learning resources as well as office equipment all worth hundreds of thousands of rands. Schools that fall victim to such crimes are normally not properly secured or have a lack of security and inadequate fencing. Consider these steps:

Step 1: Perimeter Mesh Fencing

Start from the outside and work inward to assess the physical security the school has. First evaluate the school’s premises and the perimeter fencing. This is your first line of defence so choose a fence that is: see-through so people from the outside can notice if something out of the ordinary is going on and report it; hard to climb over; electrified; difficult to cut through and does not need constant maintenance. Maxidor’s Perimeter Fence:

  • Combines high security with optimal visibility
  • Vandal resistant because of Anti Cut & Climb Features
  • Has an extended product lifespan and is
  • Low maintenance


Step 2: Expandable Security Gates

Expandable Security Gates are ideal for guarding tuckshops, financial offices, classroom/storeroom doors/corridors etc. Maxidor’s expandable security gates incorporates the following aspects:

  • Easily and conveniently slides open
  • Fitted with a SlamlockTM
  • 8mm of Steel
  • Strong flights ensure extra strength
  • Chemically anchored into the wall


Step 3: Burglar Bars / Window Grills

The Maxi Grills or Window Burglar Bars are perfect to guard windows and small openings like classroom, hall and office windows. They are:

  • Chemically anchored into the wall
  • Comes with tamper proofed fastening design
  • Style flights to anchor the uprights as a unit for extra strength
  • Strong thick 16mmx16mm Square uprights


Step 4: Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters remain one of the strongest physical security barriers and are used to guard and controls access to School Venues like lapa’s, corridors, technology classrooms or financial offices. Maxidor’s Roller Shutters are:

  • Strong and durable
  • Difficult to gain access through
  • Creates a steel curtain to control access
  • Solid Or Perforated depending on the needs
  • Close up serving hatches
  • Creates an InscapeTM


Step 5: Customized Equipment Cages

A fairly new thing some customers have asked is building ‘Customized Guarding Cages’. It guards TVs, Smartboards, Computers, servers or vaults or even gas tanks. It is not a standard Maxidor product but if Maxidor is able to accommodate the request, it can be designed and build according to the customer’s needs:

  • Custom built wall mounted cages
  • Sliding security gate to slide open during use
  • Strong and difficult to break into
  • Protecting valuable assets


It is extremely heart-breaking that criminals use the lockdown as an opportunity to break the law and steal from our children and the future of this entire country. The schools have been closed for a long time already and might be one of the last institutions that will open their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic. With vandalism, damaging of property and theft of resources the children will take even longer to catch up. These criminals are not only stealing physical things, but steal the future education of our nation’s children.

Protect schools with a company you can trust. Maxidor has superior quality products and it makes sense as a School to go with a company that offers a buyback guarantee; whose staff has police clearance; who’ve been in this business and industry for over 35 years; whose products have strong flights enhancing the safety of the products; who are the original inventors of the SlamlockTM and InscapeTM; whose products are SABS approve and whose products are chemically fastened into the walls.

Maxidor is available to assist with free assessment and quotes, please contact 0860 131 131 or view all the products online on www.maxidor.co.za.