Security Estates are very popular in South Africa. From Golf Estates, Country Estates, Wilderness Estates and even the big community type of estates, you get all types of lifestyle estates that appeal to people’s idyllic lifestyle. Estates offer peace and quiet from the rushing of cars, provide a safe area for kids to ride their bikes and people to take walks. Estates provide beautiful landscapes and well-kept parks, as well as outdoor activities such as tennis, squash and golf, all so conveniently close to home.

However, most people in South Africa move to a security estate because of what the name suggests. The sense of 24 hours security, patrol at night and controlled access so that you sleep at ease, can go on holiday or come home without any worries about break ins etc. Nobody can guarantee your safety in any home. Not even when you live in a security estate.

More and more robberies and break-ins are being reported in estates. They are not the safe havens portrayed, anymore. Although estates have always been perceived as safe and difficult targets, these are actually becoming very easy targets for criminals. Homeowners become too relaxed living in a security complex. Homeowners buy into a false sense of security. They make their homes vulnerable because they don’t take extra precaution to secure their homes.

Think about it. Up market houses, all grouped, with only security surrounding the entire estate with only 3-4 security guards on duty day and night. Easy entrance can be created by means of creating fake utility companies or builders entering estates, leave sites to plunder houses they have been watching comfortably without any interruptions or suspicions.

Many crime and security experts state that estate homeowners, living in the South African reality, still need to use integrated security systems.  Perimeter and alarms are great, but physical security gates and barriers should be integrated. Maxidor’s quality superior security barriers are custom-made to suit each individual’s needs and each opening or any home’s weak spot. Maxidor offers professional advice all the way.

The Maxidor professional and pre-screened staff will advise on what security barrier to put in where. The Maxidor security gates and barriers with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind. Maxidor’s expandable security barriers are functionally built and provide a barrier between you and potential threats. Maxidor also uses a chemical anchor that anchors the security barrier into the wall.

If a perpetrator wants to come in, they will find ways to do so. Security estates are actually easy targets because homes are not secured fully. Combat crime with Maxidor and install quality safety barriers that will hinder criminals. Maxidor’s security gates, burglar bars, shutters and expandable barriers can guard your loved ones, valuable and even prevent aggravated incidence from happening.

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