Crime is a word that you will see in every newspaper, printed and online, every day, across South Africa. According to Wikipedia, this is a prominent issue in South Africa. This is what the rest of the world sees and most, view our country as a crime invested place. Many people moving out of South Africa say that the main deciding factor was the increase in crime.

The Factsheet: South Africa’s Crime Statistics for 2015/16, states that COMMON robberies were on average 148.2 being recorded each day during this time. The definition of robberies with aggravated circumstances, according to the report is “when a person uses a gun or weapon to unlawfully and intentionally forcefully remove property belonging to another person”. Recorded robberies with AGGRAVATING circumstances, between April – December 2016, increased dramatically to 390.7 each day. These numbers are only those recorded. So many crimes go without being reported.

Shocking statistics that spark worry in every home and business owner and, if it doesn’t bother you, it should, because you or a loved one could be next. As the number of population grows, so will crime. Common robberies are easily escalating to aggravated robberies, because the need to get money for drugs, sex etc. increase and the perpetrator realises that they don’t get caught either easily of quickly. It is up to you to secure your loved ones and valuables.

Crime is overshadowing our beautiful country. Maxidor is committed to burglar proof South African homes and businesses. Anyone living in our beautiful country should be vigilant in securing their homes with proper, quality burglar bars and security barriers.  Windows and doors are seen as weak spots and can easily and fairly quickly be broken.  Maxidor security barriers are superior burglar bars for windows and openings. Doors and doorway openings or corridors are also no problem for Maxidor swing gates, expandable security barriers or retractable gates.  Maxidor shutters are the perfect security barrier to safe guard loved ones as part of creating an inscape or to secure the entertainment area like a patio. Maxidor roll up shutters even secures the car in a car port or garage. Businesses or warehouse are also secured by the Maxidor industrial roll up shutter doors, safe guarding equipment and machinery from theft and vandalism.

Thinking about the definition of AGGRAVATING robberies is scary. We know that those who break in to houses and businesses with guns, don’t care about human lives, but are willing to be forceful and use any means of violence to get what they came for. Be proactive; choose Maxidor for all your security barriers.

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