A security door is a security door, right? Meaning who cares who are the manufacturers, they all are the same and fulfill the same purpose, right? With over 380 000 residential crimes annually, all committed through some form of security barrier, one has to be aware of the fact that not all barriers are in fact safe and for security.

At Maxidor our dedicated research and development teams, ensure that our products always remain one step ahead of criminal Modus Operandi. Nothing is impenetrable, but TIME in the event of a criminal attack, well that is absolutely priceless.

When considering the purchase of a second hand Maxidor, or merely evaluating if you have a Maxidor or comparing Maxidor with other makes,  please keep an eye out for the below features, your guarantee, that our strength is indeed your security:

  • STRONG Flight – The Maxidor strong flight is a 5mm connecting brace, with its pivot points completely hidden behind our double upright design, protecting its pivot points. Our strong flight has no exposed pivot point, ensuring the components strength.
  • Maxidor Slamlock – The brass manufactured Slamlock is hidden within the lock channel, and does not have a Face Key entry, but rather a key entry concealed within the lock channels. The pin bar has two 8mm pins protruding from it.
  • Dove Tails – The dove tail with is triangular design is manufactured from Nylon, and runs within a non-trip track.
  • Rivets – The fasteners fixing the entire assembly together are solid Stainless Steel rivets, with a curled side – The rivet does not appear to be hollow, and will extend through the entire assembly, ensuring that it can’t be separated.
  • Maxidor’s retractable products all come with a double upright design, ensuring that all the moving parts are adequately protected, and at its thickest point it places 13.8mm of steel between you and an intruder.

Often installation is the key between an attempted breaking and successful breach. If you are not 100% sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. So contact us today and we will do an obligation free assessment, for your peace of mind.

At Maxidor we remain so confident in our products, that should it not do exactly what we said it would, we would buy it back from you or replace it free of charge. For more phone us on 0860 131 131.

Maxidor remains true to our slogan – Our strength is your security.

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