Burglar bars form the third security perimeter against home intrusion. The first being the perimeter fence and the second being the alarm system. As such, it is important to consider the burglar bars as part of the security system.

Leaving the home or office windows unprotected is an open invitation to criminals, as they look for easy targets. Every security feature you add to your home makes it less attractive as a target. Remember your security is only as strong as the weakest link and even one window that is not properly protected by burglar bars is all that is needed for the criminals to gain entrance.

Indeed, you will not find a simpler, more effective method for protecting against opportunistic and unauthorised entry. Criminals prefer the ground level of apartment blocks and double storey homes as entrance points. As such, it is essential to make it as difficult as possible for them to gain entrance unnoticed, so burglar bars should be the first choice for any ground level windows.

The bars are a one-time investment and not a system for which you have to pay monthly. What you put in now will help to keep your family safer for years to come. The criminals think twice before breaking a window covered by burglar bars, since they still need to get through the bars before they can gain entrance. They normally look for the quickest route in and an open door without security or a window without burglar bars is a better option than one that has a security feature.

You can expect to pay less on monthly insurance premiums if you have burglar bars on all the windows – even in a security estate. Of course, if aesthetic appeal is a priority, you can have our team install the invisible burglar bar strips on the top level windows, which can be connected to an alarm system. Such will give you the protection needed, the deterrence factor and notification of any entrance attempts.

The burglars often try to gain entrance through a window because it doesn’t make a noise if open. Having burglar bars whether visible or invisible means that they will make a noise upon their entrance attempt – giving them more than enough reason to seek an alternative home where they can gain entrance. The added security also helps to improve your home value.

We recommend that you view our range of security products to help maximize home security protection. Remember that each component adds to the strength of your overall security system.

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