Johannesburg, although a beautiful city with a truly international character, is unfortunately one of the hotspots for house robberies and break-ins, which means that home security must be a priority. Every barrier between you and the intruders adds another layer of protection.

Indeed, security lifestyle estates have become exceptionally popular in Johannesburg for the simple reason that people want more security and the ability to enjoy tranquil lifestyles, without the risk of being mugged while enjoying outdoor life.

But, not even estate residents are safe. The access control, perimeter fencing and street patrols help to keep the surrounds safe, but once criminals have gained entrance to the estate, they can easily go unnoticed. People tend to think of them as contractors, gardeners or other residents once they’re in. This is especially true in the larger estates.

All they have to do is act as if they belong or simply hide until the opportunity presents itself, and then break in or even walk into a home.

Many estate owners don’t lock their doors and because they don’t want aluminium burglar bars, they also don’t have security on the windows. Any opening or weak point in the home security enables the criminals to enter, and this is why it is so important, even when staying in a security estate, to add as many layers of home security as possible to protect valuables and loved ones.

Clear-view burglar bars can be installed on the second floor of the house in front of the windows. With the strips being completely transparent, you don’t have the issue of having to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of the house. In addition, there is no loss of light penetration and your view of the surrounds is not tarnished by aluminium burglar bars.

You can install the classic type or add more home security by connecting the bars with an alarm system. The system is tamper proof and will not lead to false alarms caused by accidental tripping of the system by the pets. You can open the windows without having to disconnect the alarm system. These bars are also well-suited for glass doors.

Add another layer of security with retractable security gates. With the special design, these doors or gates come with slam lock technology, thus enabling quick shutting of the gates, without having to use a key. Install the security gates between the living area and the bedrooms for additional security at night.

Improve your home security further with roller shutters or retractable security gates for the patio area, therefore enabling you to protect against surprise attacks.

All our products come with superior guarantees, and with our reputation for excellence, we should be your first choice as a provider of home security products in Johannesburg.

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