Window security in Johannesburg has taken on a whole new meaning with the introduction of clear burglar bars. Estate residents can now add another layer of security to their second-floor windows, without affecting the aesthetic appeal of their homes.

Clear burglar bars are transparent, which means no loss of light penetration through the glass door or windows. With such, it is possible to maximise your usage of natural light to heat and provide light to the house, which is certainly a positive point to remember regarding sustainable living spaces.

Because the transparent burglar bars don’t obstruct your view to the outside, you can have excellent window security in your office, restaurant, retail store or home, without detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the building. This is also beneficial for restaurants or guesthouses where the owners want to ensure optimal window security, especially in Johannesburg with its high crime rate.

Johannesburg residents are tired of feeling jailed in as the result of needing burglar bars in front of all the windows. And if you feel the same, you can now rest assured that a modern window security solution is available. There is no compromise on strength and you are just as safe behind the clear view burglar bars as with conventional burglar bars.

The transparent burglar bars can also be armed, which means that the strips can be connected to an alarm system that alerts you to intrusion attempts. With such, you can get 24-hour double security on all the windows and doors.

You can have the burglar bars permanently armed, which will eliminate the need to switch on the alerting system. With the system completely tamper resistant, you can go to sleep at night with the assurance that criminals will not be able to attempt a break in without you being warned.

If integrated with your central security system which sends alerts to your cellphone, you can even receive notifications of attempted intrusions when you are not at home. You don’t have to deactivate the sensors for opening the windows.

The aesthetic window security bars can work with a wide range of alarm systems, can stay active even with open windows, and are tamper proof. You also don’t have to be concerned that animals will trigger the alarm. With invisible wiring, you gain extra security without compromising on the beauty of your home, lodge, restaurant or guesthouse in Johannesburg.

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