Keep Your House Safe and Beautiful with Roller Shutter Doors

When considering security, aesthetics remains a priority for many homeowners and we understand why. Our homes increase in value as we modernise and improve them, so it stands to reason that any additions must be pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to proper security however, you need to also look at practicality, functionality and resilience. It’s no good installing a beautiful security gate which isn’t strong, for example.

Roller shutter doors have become a popular home security option, as homeowners recognise that these are not only a solid security solution for businesses and shopfronts.

For the home, roller shutter doors are the ideal way to secure a patio or section off the sleeping areas from the living areas, essentially offering you the ability to create secure zones within your home.

A very common means of gaining entry for criminals, whether into homes or businesses, is by breaking through security gates and burglar bars. Once this is achieved, it’s easy for them to then break a window or force a door open.

To be able to take quick action to protect your family, staff, property and valuables in the event of an emergency is vitally important, and roller shutter doors offer this protection.

Many businesses, especially those within retail shopping environments, rely on the protection of roller shutter doors, such as the Maxi-Shutter.

The Maxi-Shutter roller door isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but also extremely strong. Its strength lies in the structure and design, which is available in 0.8mm, 1.0mm or 1.2mm cold-rolled steel slats.

We’ve applied these roller shutter doors to various environments, including shop fronts, patios, residential and business estate entrances, airport hangars, warehouses and mine shaft elevator doors.

As the ultimate security barrier, roller shutter doors can be automated and discreetly installed, so as to be completely out of view when rolled up, but offer a solid barrier of protection when rolled down.

There would be no better security than roller shutter doors on your windows and outside areas, as well as inside the home, if you were to go away on holiday. The reliability and resilience of the security shutters will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind – while you’re digging your heels into beach sand, the roller shutter doors will ensure that your home and valuables are exactly as you left them upon your return.

Too many homeowners don’t return to what they left behind and are instead left helpless and heartbroken over damage done by criminals while they were away.

Before we know it, the Easter break will be upon us and then another school holiday. Why not put roller shutter doors on your holiday to-do list, and give your home and possessions real protection?

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